Holidaymakers shocked by town garden debris

Earl of Galloway Gardens
Earl of Galloway Gardens

A couple holidaying in Newton Stewart said this week they were disgusted to find certain types of litter on the grass in a town garden.

The couple from near Glasgow contacted The Gazette after their young child narrowly avoided picking up a condom from among the bushes in the Earl of Galloway Gardens yesterday (Thursday).

The mum, who said their week-long stay in the town had been wonderful until that point, added that her four-year-old daughter was pulling along her toy dog when she stopped to pick up an empty ice-cream carton on the ground and pretend to feed it to her dog.

She said: “I took that off her and we wandered on a bit, then it was a minute or so later when I looked back down and she was making her way towards what we thought was a plastic bag.

“She stopped to pick it up and I shouted at her not to touch dirty litter – that’s when I realised it was a condom.

“I don’t think it had been used, but that’s not the point. The wrapper for it was right beside it too. There’s nothing to say there was anything more than some kids trying to be funny by opening this and leaving it around, but you never know and if she’d picked it up we’d have had to go to hospital to be on the safe side.

“I just wanted to let the good people of Newton Stewart to be aware and keep an eye out because it could put some people off returning. We have family here and enjoy coming on summer holidays to lovely Galloway but others may not be able to see it like we do.

“It didn’t ruin our visit and the gardens were looking lovely apart from this.”

Newton Stewart man Kenneth Dunse also contacted the Gazette to complain that seating had been vandalised in the gardens.

He said: “We don’t have enough public seating in newton Stewart without this happening.”

Police Scotland said they’d had no report of the vandalism, but the bench seems to have since been removed .