High tide drama for seal

A woman walking through woodland near Garlieston stumbled upon an unusual sight at the weekend.

Adele Hedley was strolling on the path between Garlieston Harbour and Galloway House on Saturday morning when she came across a grey seal in the foliage. With the previous day’s exceptionally high tide which had lapped parts of the woodland path having long since receded, the seal appeared to be stranded among the trees.

With sounds of distress coming from the wee creature, Adele immediately contacted the SSPCA who assured her they would try and send someone to help him back to sea.

Throughout the day, other concerned villagers also contacted the animal protection body but by nightfall, there was no sign of any help and the seal’s fate looked doomed.

Adele said: “We kept checking on him and he hadn’t moved. The tide started to come back in again later and it became too dangerous to wait for help in the dark so we had to leave him.”

However, the SSPCA contacted Adele later to so they had finally made it to the area but the seal had gone. Given the repeated unusually high tide later that night, it is assumed the seal managed to wobble his way towards the water and swim off to safety.