Heavy rain leaves its mark as arts building is flooded

Heavy rain and strong winds hit Galloway overnight on Wednesday, leaving ferries cancelled and buildings flooded.

A flood alert was in place for the River Cree and water levels rose steadily throughout the night and into Thursday morning, with warning of more rain for later in the day.

The Irish ferry routes were badly affected by the strong winds with the A751 Cairnryan Road being used to stack lorries while the boats were out of service.

New Galloway’s CatStrand, the community and arts facility which is home to a cinema and art exhibitions, was badly flooded.

Management was forced to close the building and issue a plea for help yesterday morning (Thursday).

They said: “We’re very sad to announce that the CatStrand suffered major flooding last night after unprecede”nted rainfall. We are currently without power and have no means to contact people other than social media, so please tell anyone you know who uses the CatStrand that all scheduled events and activities are cancelled until we get operational again.

“We’ll do our very best to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Any help very much appreciated!”

Borgue Primary School was forced to close when it lost power and bus services to Dumfries were disrupted when the Whitesands flooded severely.

Dumfries and Galloway Council announced that a number of properties in the region had also been left without power.