Guns taken off youngsters

Police in Newton Stewart have been dealing with youngsters shooting each other with BB guns, they said this week – and one case of a teenager shooting another with an air rifle.

Speaking at a meeting of Cree Valley Community Council in the McMillan Hall on Monday, WPC Wilson told councillors: “We recently had reports of youngsters at a local playpark who had been shooting each other with these BB guns.

“They don’t injure too much, but they do leave red marks and can sting.

“We’ve spoken to those involved and taken the guns off them.”

She added that there had been a programme of education aimed at teaching the youngsters about the dangers involved in playing with such weapons.

She also said a 15-year old from Irvine had been reported for shooting someone on the ear with an air rifle locally.

She said: “The lad wasn’t local but I believe he has been referred to the courts in Irvine who will deal with him appropriately.”