Great success for seventh Wigtown Poultry show

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The seventh Wigtown Poultry Show saw entries overall up by almost 100 on last year, which is a great success for a poultry show held at a summer agricultural show.

With 411 birds and 198 egg entries along with photographs, paintings, greeting cards, handicraft and floral art entries there were 804 exhibits in the poultry marquee.

A total of 115 exhibitors supported the classes in the poultry marquee but perhaps worth noting is that 53 of those were 16 years and under. This all bodes well for the future of keeping poultry and for Wigtown Show participation. The younger generation have to be encouraged to continue the traditions that we all love in our rural area and to show that we recognised their wonderful support all young exhibitors were presented with a medal.

Mr John Bogie of Dundas Chemical Company, who sponsor the prize cards on Championship Row, kindly presented the awards.

The entries came from far and wide, with poultry from South Wales, North Wales, Fife, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Co. Durham, Shropshire and Cumbria as well as Dumfries and Galloway.

As well as the poultry and egg exhibits visitors enjoyed seeing the day-old Pekin chicks, ten week old turkey poults and other attractions. A competition to win a solid brass cockerel door knocker by guessing the weight of an aged Speckled Sussex hen called Freckles, was won by Master Owen McKie who correctly thought she was 2.3kg (5.06lb).

The Show Champion had travelled from Co. Durham and this was a True Bantam, a female Quail Belgian Barbu D’Anvers exhibited by Mr R Hanson. Reserve Show Champion was a large female Silver Appleyard duck exhibited by Messrs MV & W Hicks from Shropshire.


Best Large Fowl Soft Feather Heavy – Mr. P. Parfitt’s New Hampshire Red M, Best Large Fowl Soft Feather Light – Mrs. M. Templeton’s White Silkie F, Best Large Fowl Hardfeather – Mr. A. D. Thompson’s Oxford F, Best Bantam Hardfeather – Mr. J. Rodger’s Furness Old English Game F, Best Bantam Soft Feather Heavy – Miss R. Wilson’s Silver Pencilled Wyandotte M,

Best Bantam Soft Feather Light – Mr. D. Lindsay’s Scots Dumpy F, Best True Bantam – Mr. R. Hanson’s Quail Belgian Barbu D’Anvers F, Best Rare – Mr. & Mrs. D. Mitchell’s Bantam Black Sumatra M,

Best Call – Mrs. C. A. McCornick’s White F, Best Bantam Duck – Mr. & Mrs. M. Mayer’s Silver Bantam F, Best Large Light Duck - Messrs M.V. & W. Hick’s Crested M, Best Large Heavy Duck – Messrs M. V. & W. Hick’s Silver Appleyard F, Best Goose – Mrs. A. Taylor’s Sebastopol M,

Best Indian Runner – Miss E. Muir’s Trout F, Best Turkey – Mr. B. Moodie’s Bronze F, Best Junior Handler – Master D. Smith, Best Juvenile Handler – Master S. Dale – Sunley, Best Open Junior – Miss G. Tilney’s Serama M, Best Open Juvenile – Masters C. & F. Frame, True Bantam M,

Best Wigtownshire Junior – Master D. Smith’s Black Pekin F, Best Wigtownshire Juvenile & Best Wigtownshire – Master C. Gordon’s Chocolate Indian Runner F, Best Wigtownshire Senior – Miss R. Wilson’s Bantam Black Wyandotte M, Best Utility - Mr. A. Jarvis, Best Ex-Battery hen – Mr. S. Munroe,

Best Eggs – Miss A. Stanley, Best Open Junior Eggs – Master Finlay Vance, Best Open Juvenile Eggs – Master Robert Smith, Best Egg Contents – Miss L. Wilson, Best Decorated/Painted Egg – Mrs. S. Munroe, Best Photograph – Miss R. Vance, Best Painting – Mr. A. Jarvis, Best Greetings Card – Miss A. McAdam, Best Handicraft – Mrs. L. Rigby, Best Floral Art – Mrs. J. Houghton-Wallace. Best Pet was a Mille Fleur Pekin M shown by Master D. Fisher.