Global praise for Wigtownshire caterer

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A RHINS caterer received a glowing public accolade from American chart topper Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters at the weekend after tasting the chef’s local delights.

Sally Hair and her catering crew were praised on-stage on front of 15,000 Wickerman Festival fans for the home-cooked meals which had kept the band going throughout the day.

In a two and a half minute tribute, Ana said she had never tasted a roast dinner quite like it and added that all the food had been “made with love”.

And moments before heading on stage, the star sent her PA to fetch the full artists’ catering gang for a photograph – at her request.

Sally said: “Ana Matronic was in an out of artist catering the whole of Friday and she was very chatty and really interested in what we were making with the local food.

“I was really proud that she gave our speciality - a homemade roast dinner using lamb from my family farm - a five star review. We couldn’t have been happier when she said from the main stage that the Wickerman food was made with love which is true! It’s wonderful that such a big star took the time to thank us in front of thousands of music fans.”