Glentrool tries out new lighting in support of Dark Skies

GLENTROOL village was the first in the region to try out LED street lights this week.

As part of the international Dark Skies designation for Galloway Forest Park, street lights must direct their light down onto the street and road and not up into the sky.

From Thursday and Friday this week, new LED lights replaced the old sodium lamps in Glentrool. The trial will cost around £6500 and is being paid for by community windfarm benefit.

As well as being essential for the Dark Skies designation by preventing light pollution, the new lights are expected to save £950 each year on electricity and maintenance in Glentrool alone.

Council leader, Ivor Hyslop, said: “Our council is keen to know what people in Glentrool think about the new lights because if this is successful, villages around the region could benefit. These new energy and maintenance saving lights could reduce our council’s carbon footprint considerably and save a lot of money.”

A questionnaire will be circulated to residents in Glentrool to see what they think about the new street lights. The trial will extend soon to include New Luce which is just outside the Forest Park.

The light cast by LED bulbs is whiter than the orange sodium lamps, so they don’t need to be as powerful. The old lamps are 67 watts each whilst the new LED lights are 40 watts.