Ghostly goings on blamed for dyke collapse

Ghostly goings on
Ghostly goings on

LAST Thursday morning, (February 10), some residents in Whithorn woke up to find that 26 feet of dyke on the road up to the cemetery had fallen completely to its foundations.

The previous night had been very calm, with no wind at all, so that could not be a factor in determining the mystery.

To add to this a section of wooden fence in the garden of local resident David Doughty, directly opposite the stricken wall, had also mysteriously collapsed for no apparent reason.

Mr Doughty said: “I just can’t explain this. It is eerie that both the dyke and my fence are directly in line with the old clock tower, which was struck by lightning in January 1994 and had all its faces blown out, and a power unit also hit. I cannot help but wonder though. Just under the clock tower is a field where bodies were transferred and reburied some years ago. Could it be that supernatural powers were at work here? How else can it be explained. Neither myself nor my neighbours have done anything to upset any spirits!”

One explanation is that it might have been the victim of an earth tremor.

During the night of Monday, February 7, I awoke to feel the bed tremble slightly. Now I was not sure that I had dreamt this, but the next morning my son asked if I had felt it, so it wasn’t a dream.

This wall is extremely well built, with a cemented top, which makes it all the more bizarre! There was no indication of lightning burn anywhere so that might safely be ruled out. Vandals would hardly have been able to take the dyke so completely to its foundation like it had been.

To add to this, a picture taken on the Garlieston straight on Wednesday night I think clearly shows the figure of a man running.

Is this evidence of the supernatural?