Getting ready for Zero Waste 5p carrier charge

Carrier bags will cost 5p from Monday
Carrier bags will cost 5p from Monday

Galloway is gearing up for major new changes to the rules around carrier bag usage.

From Monday, there will be a 5p charge for all single-use carrier bags - this means all bags given out by a retailer to allow a customer to take a product away or have it delivered.

The bags can be plastic or paper and the new rules cover everything from supermarkets to takeaway food outlets and clothing stores.

The Scottish Government move follows a similar stance already in place in Wales and Northern Ireland, and will be effected in England in October of 2015.

There are some exceptions including bags used to contain items purchased in airports and on board vehicles, vessels and aircraft, and c ertain medicinal products; such as for prescriptions and pharmacy medication.

Scotland currently uses 750 million bags each year, and we use more bags per person than any other UK country.

The Co-operative Group pledged to donate sales from its range of re-usable bags to local projects.

Iain Gulland, Director, Zero Waste Scotland said: “Single-use carrier bags are a highly visible sign of Scotland’s litter problem, and the charge is an important measure in tackling the number of them in circulation. These bags, after just one use, often end up cluttering up our streets and seas.

“Shoppers can avoid the charge and help reduce the number of bags in circulation by remembering to bring their re-usable bags when they pop to the shops after 20th October.”