Geocache find at Mull traced back to Germany

The geocache find
The geocache find

A recent geocache find in the Mull of Galloway has been tracked all the way back to Gifhorn, the German twin town of Dumfries.

The treasure started out in Germany with the person hiding it aiming for it to reach Dumfries and Galloway as part of the geocaching sport which has taken the globe by storm in recent years.

The find can be tracked through many hands before making its way to the Mull of Galloway, where it was unearthed by countryside ranger Elizabeth Tindal.

The treasure features a picture of the replica of the windmill at Dumfries Museum, which is a feature of the international windmill museum in Gifhorn.

Provost Ted Thompson said: “This innovative use of modern technology encourages people to explore the countryside is certainly one way to do this and strengthen the links between our communities.”

Geocaching is a form of treasure hunt with users relying on GPS-enabled devices such as mobile phones to navigate their way to a spot where an item has been hidden. Across the world, 2,483,259 geocaches are currently waiting to be found.

Geocachers must remove the item and replace it with something new before logging their find on the log sheet in the box containing the find.

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