Gazette inspires big cat tale

An author was inspired to write a book about big cat sightings after reading the many reports about the phenomena on the Galloway Gazette website.

Jack Churchill from Leeds has just published a thriller called ‘Big Cat’ about the hunt for a big cat on the prowl who turns on a shooting party made up of property developers from London’s stockbroker belt and their Russian oligarch host after one of the vodka-soaked party wounds an escaped big cat.

Called in to help track the cat comes police detective and big cat enthusiast, Bob Coulson.

Mocked for years in the press, he now possesses irrefutable evidence of big cats living in the wilds of Britain. After the panther kills one of its tormentors live on national radio, Bob and his team have a race against time to stop the man-eater before it slays again.

The beast is eventually cornered at night in a shopping mall.

But who is the hunter and who is the hunted?

Jack told The Gazette: “The big cat stories reported by The Galloway Gazette were a great help to me whilst researching the background to the book, so I thought your readership might be interested in this tale.

“As a natural history filmmaker, I am fascinated by the possibility of big cats surviving in the wilds of Britain.

“As a fiction writer, I found it irresistible. I’ve had fun with the mythology that’s built up around British black panthers (even including a mention of the spectral Hound of the Baskervilles), but the behaviour of the big cat is true to those in the wild.

“The characters that team up to track down the beast have a range of beliefs: from the skeptical to those convinced the panther is a spirit of the forest incarnate, sent to destroy those who desecrate ancient woodland, and I play these off each other.

“There is no reason why big cats could not survive in the UK.

“It is certainly possible that they’re out there.

“I have met many eyewitnesses over the years.”