Gazette helps win refund

A Carsluith couple are thanking The Galloway Gazette for confirming they WERE due compensation from ScottishPower after the snow storm in March. The company had told them they weren’t.

Chris Eterington, who was classed as a “vulnerable adult” by ScottishPower during the crisis, and his wife Sheila, were without power from 9.30am on Friday, March 22, until 2pm on the Sunday after a severe blizzard toppled power lines all over Galloway.

Shiela told the Gazette they had expected to get a rebate on their electricity account but when they realised that hadn’t happened they contacted ScottishPower.

Sheila said: “When I phoned them I was told, ‘Oh no, you don’t get compensation unless you have been off for 48 hours’. We were given the wrong information. It wasn’t until we read the article in last week’s Gazette saying you qualified if you were off for 24 hours or more that we realised were due compensation – five weeks later. The woman I spoke to hadn’t got a clue!

“After reading the story I phoned ScottishPower again and I was told that all the letters about compensation had already been sent out. I told them it wasn’t my fault as we were given the wrong information! In the end they said we would receive the compensation after all.

“At the time of the power cut I phoned ScottishPower to say we needed power back as soon as possible for heat as Chris suffers from arthritis and ScottishPower said it would class him as a vulnerable adult.”