Gatehouse team win Rotary quiz final

The District Final of the Toary Club Primary School Quiz was held on Saturday 11 June in deepest Lanarkshire at the Carluke LifeStyles Centre.

As the date was being shared with Carluke Gala Day, roads were closed, diversions in place, a test of old fashioned navigation.

The pattern of the competition was much the same as for the club and area heats. Teams of four representing their school, faced rounds of questions on the primary curriculum including a general knowledge and pot-luck section for good measure. Kirkcudbright Club was represented by Gatehouse Primary. Cumulative scores were announced after each section with the top teams separated by just a point or two.

Then came the final scores, Gatehouse had won, the chorus of woops from the team’s parents would have done credit to a goal scored at Hampden Park.

Trophies and certificates were awarded by DG Andy Ireland, many photographs were taken of some very happy youngsters, The national final date will be announced shortly.