Garden party will be blooming wonderful

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The coming of spring is always glorious, but this year is special. We have shivered in electricity cuts, dug ourselves out of snow, been blown about and rained on for as long as we can remember.

The result at Claymoddie Garden at Garlieston has been diabolical, with whole plants squashed under snow, or broken beyond repair and, most depressingly, winter was very reluctant to relinquish its grip.

On Tuesday, all that changed. All the plants that were sulking have burst into life. The place is alive with magnolia, camellia, rhododendron, cherry and narcissus blossom.

Claymoddie’s gardens will be showing all their colours at once in the coming few weeks.

And Claymoddie’s staff have an exciting trip next week when they pack up a lorryload of plants to take to Hillsborough Garden Festival just outside Belfast (the Chelsea of Northern Ireland) where they – or, at least, the distaff element of Claymoddie – hope to catch a glimpse of Monty Don, who will be opening it.

Claymoddie’s Charity Garden Party under the Scottish Gardens scheme, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief, takes place this Sunday, May 12, from 2-5pm, and the plant nursery is bursting with a vast range of all sorts of goodies. Go along for a stroll and enjoy afternoon tea.