Galloway sites feature in new book

Local author Andrew Rigby has launched his action adventure fantasy novel The Warriors of Amun on Amazon Kindle and via Amazon Kindle apps for I-Pad, I-Phone, PC and Androids. The book is distributed electronically to Amazon customers in the UK and the USA as well as in France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

Andrew said: “Having my book distributed by Amazon as an electronic ebook is very exciting. The digital market for books is increasing worldwide because of e-readers like Kindle and the iPad changing the way we think about books. Having “The Warriors of Amun” available to an international audience through Amazon means my writing will be available to a far greater readership than would have been the case if it was a printed book”.

He added “The process with Amazon is fairly simple and I would urge all authors and poets in Dumfries & Galloway to consider it as a way of distributing their work while still retaining full control of the process.”

The Warriors of Amun is the story of a young group of archaeologists who, following the death of their mentor in mysterious circumstances in Egypt, piece together a series of clues which lead to the discovery of an ancient and powerful relic. The young archaeologists are unaware that their quest has also attracted dark interest, and their attempts to recover the relic first is the beginning of a life-threatening race into danger and the uncovering of a mystery which may threaten the very future of mankind.

Andrew continued: “The inspiration came from my keen interest in Egyptology, my research into the subject and the knowledge I gained when I was a volunteer guide at the British Museum for the Ancient Egypt and Nubia Galleries. I was also influenced by my love of ‘boys own’-type action adventure films like Indiana Jones, The Mummy and The Da Vinci Code. I have tried to include real historical references and facts in the book which, other than the dramatic licence used in the story, are accurate.

“Quite often I have found that Hollywood stories have not paid much attention to history and I wanted to show that adventure writing can be historically correct and still fun. I’ve also included a character who lives at a fictitious Castle Cree near Creetown and the sequel will take place in and around Castle Douglas and Newton Stewart.”

The book’s website is: and it can be downloaded from with the ASIN number B006XZ9WZO.