Galloway’s ‘not-spot’ status should attract visitors

Until now, Galloway’s downfall in enticing tourists has been its lack of coverage by mobile phone and internet providers, leaving visitors in its rural parts largely cut off for the duration of their stay.

But now, a new tool is set to be grasped by tourism marketers which places Galloway in a prime position - the promotion of the area as a “not-spot” holiday destination.

A report out this week highlights the wish of many holidaymakers to ditch their smartphone and laptop - and temptation to turn them on - when on a break, and with Galloway being notoriously poor for receiving consistent wireless coverage, it could signal a new era of visitors being drawn to its remote corners for a digital detox.

The report from VisitScotland says visitors are seeking a “meaningful and emotional” holiday and are embracing “jomo” - the joy of missing out, and that this should be embraced as a marketing plus.

Chris Greenwood, senior tourism insight manager at VisitScotland, said: “There seems to be more and more pressure on some people to be able to answer an e-mail or take a work call when away on holiday.

“There are several parts of Scotland that offer the chance to have real digital isolation.People can make a virtue of the fact there is no phone signal or internet access and use it in the way they promote areas.”