Galloway Past Picture

Gall past Pic
Gall past Pic

IT’S “oot of the world and intae Kirkcone” again this week. This is the second of the pictures kindly given to The Galloway Gazette by Beatrice Clark (nee Drysdale) from West Glengyre, Leswalt. This one shows the Kirkcowan Brownie Pack in May 1949.

Beatrice doesn’t have all the names but the ones she reconises are:

S Blacklaws, B Drysdale, M Griffin, ? Edwards, F Munro, M McGoth, ? Edwards, J McCulloch, N Scott, ? Kirk, N Marshall, H McWilliam, E McKie, M McKie, M Murphy, M McLean, S Simpson and A Clananchan.

Gordon Clanachan got in touch by e-mail after seeing the photo on The Galloway Gazette website to say the two Guide Leaders are his mother, Annie Clanachan, and Jessie Simpson. he added it was “great to see another Kirkcowan photo”.

If you know any of the others please contact Louise at the Gazette on 01671 404767 or e-mail her at