Galloway Past Picture

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THIS week’s Galloway Past picture is the first in a series of photographs taken of the teachers at the Douglas Ewart High School in the 1970s. How many can you name? Answers to or call Louise on 01671 404767.

Last week we had a picture the Ewart Sailing club from the same era. Jim McDowall, who was in it, sent in the names as did Gordon Clanachan from Edmonton, Alberta. They were: Jim McChesney, Terry Morrison - teacher technical, Fiona McDonald, Aidrienne Ord, Jimmy Sutherland, Jim McDowall, Willie Cannon, Stewart Robertson and Julian Kennedy.

The week before we had a old picture of Penninghame Primary 7 from 1953. Harry Hogg from Napier in New Zealand was sent a copy of the paper and was thrilled to see some old school pals including Stuart McDowall, Norman Oxenham, David Milligan, Tom Howatson, Harvey Bowie, Elma Marr, Anne Muir, Roma Mitchel, Margaret Macpherson, Margaret Patterson, Kathleen Blain. The teacher was Miss Marion Ross. Harry joined the Merchant Navy in 1958 and settled in New Zealand in 1968. If anyone is interested in contacting Harry e-mail him at