Galloway Past Picture

editorial image

EVELYN Ambrose from Whithorn handed this piture into the Galloway Gazette offices for our popular Galloway past picture feature.

It shows the cast members of the Whithorn Drama Club. Back row - Bryce Walker, Alan Elder, James McWilliam and Norman Robertson.

Fronty row - Fiona McGregor, James Ambrose, Winnie Brock.

We now have all the names to put to last week’s picture of Penninghame Primary School in 1962 thanks to Roseanne Lowther and Mrs Black.

Back row - John Roddie, John McKenzie, Alister McKie, William McClarty, Raymond Munro, Ivor Clements, Derek Robertson, Andrew Strachan, Tommy McLean, Brian McNairn, Brian Templeton, Billy McHarg,

Middle row - Sam Funia, Gordon McIntyre, Jane McCormick, Kathleen Edwards, Linda Black, Carol-Anne Hume, Rose Birch, Elizabeth McDonald, David Mathieson, Bill Drummond.

Front row - Josie McClymont, Elizabeth Edgar, Isobel Maxwell, Maureen Mitchell, Agnes Haswell, Carol McIllwaine, Catherine Fulton, Annette Hosie, Jean McClymont, Anne Kidd, Cynthia McInnes, Brenda Meldrum.