Galloway Pageant draws to a close

THIS year’s Galloway Pageant Day went exceptionally well once again with long periods of sunshine overhead spoiled only by some heavy showers.

The rain did not take the shine off the day’s proceedings with this year’s Queen of Galloway, Megan Steele, being crowned in Dashwood Square by long-time Pageant stalwart, Alistair Burnett.

Teddy bear's picnic winner, 11 year old Megan McDowall with Queen elect, Megan Steele, ephelump, Douglas the Magic Clown and Queen Emily Keenan. 'GG 3107119 12

Teddy bear's picnic winner, 11 year old Megan McDowall with Queen elect, Megan Steele, ephelump, Douglas the Magic Clown and Queen Emily Keenan. 'GG 3107119 12

The lead-up to the main event started in Minnigaff with the decorated vehicles being led through the main streets to Dashwood Square by the Queensberry and Caledonia Pipe Band from Thornhill and our very own Stuart McHarg. Live music was provided in the Square by local singer Lyndsey Craig prior to the crowning ceremony and she then sang the traditional ‘Bonnie Gallowa’ to the assembled crowd following the crowning of the new Queen.

This year’s pageant chair, Diann Hughes, opened the proceedings by thanking all concerned and congratulating both the retiring queen, Emily Keenan, and the new queen, Megan.

Mrs Hughes finished by telling the crowd that it was their Pageant and trusted that the traditional event would continue to be as well supported over the years to come. She then handed over to compere for the day, Jim McDowall, who thereafter introduced various prize-winners and thanked the queen’s piper, thirteen year old Euan Priestly, for his appropriate renderings.

The prizes which were presented by Queen Megan were as follows;

Fancy Dress
Pre-School 1st Erin Scott (Jelly Fish)
2nd Keevah-Lee Forsyth (Pageant Queen 2027)

Primary School 1st Oliver Hagman (Puffin)
2nd Ruben McKie -Vicente (Captain Portugal)
3rd Sophie Dickson (Princess Olympia)

Adults 1st Norma Bell (I Pod)
2nd Sheila Campbell (Knit Wit)
3rd Viv Sawyers (Dame Edna) 

Groups 1st Elliot and Nathnial Higgens (The Knights)
2nd Grace Brown and Caitlin Utting (Beauty and the Beast)

William Dunse Memorial Trophy Erin Scott (Jelly Fish)
Grace Dunse Memorial Trophy Norma Bell (I Pod)

The Decorated Floats were judged by Elaine Henderson and Graham Munro from Manchester and were awarded as follows;
1st The Glebe Nursery Rymes (Vera McCallum) £75
2nd Newton Stewart Angels (The Diamond Jubilee Concert) £50
3rd Newton Stewart Players (Diamond Jubilee at Royal Ascot) £25

Overall winner was The Glebe Nursery Rymes who received £150 which along with the other prize money Vera is donating to charity.
Each lorry Organiser was given £30 towards costs.Sports Quiz Andy Thomson

Window Spotting

1st Zoe Thomson
2nd Hanna Cluckie
3rd Michelle Middleton 

Picture Quiz Frances Rice

Kids sports champions Girls 1st Eilidh Smithers
2nd Leah Rennie
3rd Iona McClelland 
Boys 1st Matthew Deazeley
2nd Rory Mann
3rd Gareth Gibson

After the presentations everybody moved off up to Douglas Park where the Pageant Pop-a-Long was being held this year with a variety of events, entertainment and sideshows for the large crowd in attendance.

In the Total Wipeout Contest the winners were as follows;

1st Aces
2nd The Old and The Young Bill
3rd Union Blues
Winner got £50 plus Trophy

During the week there were various competitions and entertainment both during the day and in the evening with results as follows. The Pet Show was held in Minnigaff Park on Wednesday afternoon when there were around 40 entrants and was judged by Mr and Mrs Thin.

1st Danniella Jewiss with Fluffy
1st Gareth Gibson with Stripe
2nd Eilidh Smithers with Molly
1st Jay Herries with Louie
2nd Kerri-Jane McEwan with Bolt
3rd Kelly Jackson and Charley Thom with Chookles

1st Mia Templeton with Rosie and Jim (finches) 
2nd Ben Templetonwith Peppa and George (finches)

1st Isla McCathie with Rosie (a Corn Snake)

Guinea Pigs
1st Erin Ford with Messi

Small Animals Best in Show was Gareth Gibson with Stripe (Rabbit) and Reserve was Jay Heries with Louie (Cat)

Most Handsome Dog
1st Jodie Stewart with Milo (Black Labrador)
2nd Acacia Graham with Marley (New Foundland)
3rd Chris Morgan with Baxter (New Foundland) 

Prettiest Bitch
1st Katie Clive with Ollie (Cocker Spaniel)
2nd Chris Morgan with Skye (New Foundland)
3rd Leah Rennie with Millie (Cavapoo) 

Dog in Fancy Dress
1st = Isla McCathie with Poppy (Beagle) (Dalmation)
Jodie Stewart with Milo (Black Labrador) (Olympic Swimmer)

Best Six Legs
1st Maia McCathie with Poppy (Beagle)
2nd Graham Munro with Chloe (New Foundland)
3rd Chris Morgan with Baxter (New Foundland)

Dog and Owner Most Alike
1st Kyle Saunders with Marley (Labrador/Collie)
2nd Katie Clive with Ollie (Cocker Spaniel)
3rd Jodie Stewart with Milo (Black Labrador)

Best Dog in show Jodie Stewart with Milo (Black Labrador) and Reserve Katie Clive with Ollie (Cocker Spaniel)

Furthest travelled Chorley and Rochdale Manchester with New Foundlands

The Two Bowl tournament was held at Newton Stewart Bowling Club with First place going to John Hughes and David McHaffie with David Kerr and Robert Kerr being runners-up.

The Annual 5-A-Side Football also took place the same evening 
with the Sexy Scots United taking the winners position in the Under 10’s with Gola winning the Under 14s section and Doolies Squad winning the Adult competition.

The Car Treasure Hunt awards were as follows with over 50 vehicles taking part;
1st Overall Megan’s Marvels (Last Year’s Winners)
2nd Lex and Lassies 
3rd The Moores

1st Family Edgars

1st Females Heathers Bonos

Furthest Travelled Wigtown Heathers Bonos

Booby I Know Nothing Malcolm Family 

On Thursday afternoon the Teddy Bears Picnic was held in the McMillan Hall when around 100 youngsters attended with 80 teddies being dressed up for the Best Dressed Teddy Competition. They were judged by Linda Woodfield from Textile Shop with the winner being Megan McDowall 

In the evening the Pool Competition was held in the Central Bar with the following results

1st Barry Smith
2nd Lee Forsyth
3rd Robbie Thomson and Stuart McHarg

The Fishing Competition had 16 Adults Entrants with 10 Juniors taking part.
Adults 1st Place went to Chris Malone (£25 Prize fish size 3lb 8and half ounces)
with John Sneddon taking second place(£10 Prize fish size 12 ounces)
Top Junior was Ryan Jackson (£10 fish size 1lb 2 ounce)

Friday saw the Golf competition taking place at Newton Stewart Golf Club with the entrants being 26 Men 3 Ladies and 9 Juniors with the winners being Keith Dunse, Alice Hunt and Rory Benniewith respectively.

The Pub Quiz took place in the Cree Inn when 10 teams competed.
The 3.15 to Stranraer came first with Super Nova taking second place and The Strolling chicks came third with A.A. winning the Booby.

Chairperson Diann Hughes was delighted with the way things had gone over the whole week where something for every taste had taken place and with another successful Galloway Pageant over after a short break the hard work starts all over again to arrange next year’s event.