Galloway Music Festival 2011 results

Andrew McWhirter and Stewart Milroy, the Scott trophy for Piano Duet Jnr. 'GG 1403053 11
Andrew McWhirter and Stewart Milroy, the Scott trophy for Piano Duet Jnr. 'GG 1403053 11

LAST week saw the culmination of a week’s great music from the fiddlers, singers, drummers, pianists and more from the Galloway Music Festival.


Piano Solo Beginner - Stuart Hope 1st, Wigtownshire Music Association Trophy; Adam Callander 2nd; Hannah Torbet 3rd.

Piano Solo Grade 1 - Charlotte Service 1st, Kyle Harrison Award; Eilidh Wallace 2nd; Findlay Sloan 3rd.

Piano Solo Grade 2 - Iona Young 1st; Clodagh Beattie 2nd; Vicky Carson 3rd.

Piano Solo Grade 3 - Bronwyn McKie 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy; Rebecca Blakeman 2nd; Kerren McGrane 3rd. Piano Solo Grade 4 - Caroline McQuistin 1st, Isabella Norris McLean Trophy.

Piano Solo Grade 6 - Charis McWhirter 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy; Rebekah Donn 2nd; Hannah McIntosh 3rd. Piano Duets Beginners - Fiona Ramsay & Shona Milroy 1st.

Piano Duets Junior - Andrew McWhirter & Stewart Milroy 1st, Scott Trophy; Clodagh Beattie & Barnaby Williams 2nd; Lorna Phillips & Rebecca Blakeman 3rd.

Piano Duets Senior - Caitlin Cronie & Catherine McCreath 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy.

Violin Solo Beginners - Fraser Dawson 1st, Kirroughtree Cup; Rebekah Hughes 2nd; Mhairi Rodger 3rd.

Violin Solo Grade 1 - Rachel Black 1st; Rosie Littler-Davis 2nd; Lois Campion 3rd.

Violin Solo Grade 2 - Mollie Miller-Smith 1st; Lorna Phillips 2nd; Kirsty Plunkett 3rd=; Lydia Taylor 3rd=.

Violin Solo Grade 3 - Jessica Hannay 1st; Round Table Trophy; Violin Solo Grade 3; Teigan Burns 2nd.

Violin Solo Grade 4 - Hollie Monteith 1st.

Violin Solo Grade 5 - Kathryn Arthington 1st; Oliver Grimes 2nd.

Violin Solo Advanced - Iona Bonaventura 1st Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy.

Cello Solo Grade 2 - Olivia Wise 1st, David Wood Trophy.

Classical Guitar Solos Grade 4 - Jennifer McMaster 1st, Segovia Trophy.

String Duet Junior - Emma Harrison & Rosie Littler-Davis 1st; Kara Hamilton & Olivia Wise 2nd.

String Duet Senior - Dylan Blore & Kirstin Stalker 1st Stewart Cup.

Descant Recorder Solos Beginners - Caitlin Jolly 1st Music Shop Trophy; Laura Gorman 2nd; Triniti Campbell 3rd.

Descant Recorder Solos Grade 1 - Archie McCreath 1st; Melissa Wilde 2nd; Carolyn Fisher 3rd=; Holly Blakeman 3rd=

Descant Recorder Solos Grade 2 - Daniel Heaney 1st; Emma Harrison 2nd; Lorna Phillips 3rd.

Descant Recorder Solos Grade 3 - Rebecca Blakeman 1st Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy.

Descant Recorder Solos Grade 5 - Bryony Hawkins 1st Butterworth Cup.

Descant Recorder Solos Grade 6 - Rebekah Donn 1st.

Treble Recorder Solos Beginners - Emma Harrison 1st; Lauren Fingland 2nd; Moren Old 3rd.

Treble Recorder Solos Grade 3 - Sarah Muir 1st.

Treble Recorder Solos Grade 4 - Clodagh Beattie 1st.

Treble Recorder Solos Grade 5 - Charis McWhirter 1st, Cairsnmore Cup; Rebekah Donn 2nd.

Recorder Duets Beginners - Ellie McClymont & Bronagh Beattie 1st, Jim Owen Trophy; Rachel Ramsay & Cara McQueen 2nd.

Recorder Duets Junior - Emily Sloss &Jodie Reid 1st, Penninghame Cup; Lorna Phillips & Rebecca Blakeman 2nd; Isla Forsyth & Carolyn Fisher 3rd.

Recorder Groups Unison Junior - Port William Primary School 1st.

Recorder Groups (2 or more parts) Junior - Garlieston Primary School 1st, Burgess Cup; Whithorn Primary School 2nd; Minnigaff Primary School 3rd=; Port William Primary School 3rd=.

Flute Solos Beginners - Ailsa McCulloch 1st.

Flute Solos Grade 1 - Holly Blakeman 1st; Charlotte Nash 2nd.

Flute Solos Grade 3 - Lorna Phillips 1st, Dalreagle Cup; Emma Harrison 2nd.

Flute Solos Grade 5 - Stuart Bradley 1st; Eilidh Ducker 2nd.

Flute Solos Grade 6 - Charis McWhirter 1st.

Flute Solos Advanced - Rebekah Donn 1st, Malzie Cup; Rosie Higginson 2nd; Maeve Wright 3rd.

Oboe Solos Beginners - Jennifer Craig 1st; Heather Cousar 2nd.

Oboe Solos Grade 2 - Kerren Galloway 1st, Haggarty Cup; Kaitlin Thorley 2nd.

Oboe Solos Grade 4 - Emma Robinson 1st; Kerr Inger 2nd.

Oboe Solos Grade 5 - James Stewart 1st; Jayne Fiskin 2nd.

Clarinet Solos Grade 3 - Bethany McGhie 1st, Carty Cup; Kimberly McAdam 2nd; Rebecca Blakeman 3rd.

Clarinet Solos Grade 5 - Yasmin Da Prato 1st; Clodagh Beattie 2nd; Soraya Doole 3rd.

Bassoon Solos Beginners - Rachael Cluckie 1st; Abbie Thomson 2nd; Jude Boyle 3rd.

Bassoon Solos Grade 2 - Donald Robinson 1st, Galloway Cup; Bryony McCaw 2nd.

Bassoon Solos Grade 5 - Lauren Galloway 1st; Robbie Stewart 2nd; Holly Sproat 3rd.

Saxophone Solos Beginners - Mhari McCulloch 1st, Penkiln Cup; Lindsey Barr 2nd.

Saxophone Solos Grade 5 - Ailsa McMillan 1st.

Woodwind Duets Junior - Lorna Phillips & Rebecca Blakeman 1st, Minnigaff Salver; Kerren Galloway & Kaitlin Thorley 2nd.

Woodwind Duets Senior - Rebekah Donn & Charis McWhirter 1st, Barclay Trophy; Rosie Higginson & Maeve Wright 2nd; Yasmin Da Prato & Soraya Doole 3rd.

Brass Solos Beginners - Drew David Stewart 1st, Cordiner Cup; Patrick Chung 2nd; Kyle Wilson 3rd.

Brass Solos Grade 1 - Henry Batten 1st.

Brass Solos Grade 2 - Finlay McColm 1st, CWS Scottish Cup.

Brass Solos Grade 3 - Kyle Fitzsimmons 1st; Danielle Little 2nd; Rachel McCurry 3rd.

Brass Solos Grade 4 - Morag MacDonald 1st; Blair Forsyth 2nd: Andrew McWhirter 3rd.

Brass Solos Grade 5 - Christopher Reid 1st, James Allan Trophy; Jenna Burns 2nd; Emma Breadon 3rd.

Other Instruments Solos Beginners - Alexander Lawson 1st, Philgown Cup; Connor Firth 2nd; Bryony McCaw 3rd.

Other Instruments Solos Junior - Rosie Oliver 1st; James Hannay 2nd; Aileen McColm 3rd.

Other Instruments Solos Senior - Alasdair Dunn 1st; Kirstin Stalker 2nd; Rose Nash 3rd.

Jazz Group - Dalry Guitar Group 1st, Glenluce Jazz Trophy.

Duo Senior - Bryony Hawkins & Charis McWhirter 1st.

Duet Mixed Instruments Senior - Amy McCulloch & Joanna Baxter 1st.

Trio Junior Garlieston Violin Trio 1st; Bronwyn McKie & Andrew McWhirter & Stewart Milroy 2nd; Emily Sloss & Emma Harrison & Ben Moore 3rd.

Quartets Junior - Wigtown Primary School Oboes 1st.

Quartets Senior - Dalry Secondary School 1st, Haggis Trophy.

Ensembles Unison Junior - Wigtown Primary School Bassoons 1st.

Ensemble/Orchestra Junior - Wigtown Primary School Double Reed Band 1st, Jim Owen Cup; Ju Mo 2nd; Penninghame Brass 3rd Ensemble/Orchestra Senior - Newton Stewart Wind Band 1st, Newton Stewart Bowling Club Trophy; Stranraer Junior Band 2nd.

Family Class - Duncan Family 1st, Shirley Trophy; The Beattie Girls 2nd.

Pop Music Junior - Lindsey Barr 1st.

Pop Music Senior - Zoe Kirkpatrick 1st, Lymm Salver *new trophy; Jordan Pears 3rd; Max Syed-Tollan 2nd.

Vocal Solo Beginners - Bronnen Pears 1st, Cree Cup; Cara Sloan 2nd; Martin Flannighan 3rd

Vocal Solo Grade 1 - Caitlin West 1st; Hannah Torbet 2nd; Hazel Brown 3rd.

Vocal Solo Grade 2 - Emma Harrison 1st; Tea Oliver 2nd; Lily Langford 3rd.

Vocal Solo Grade 3 - Sorsha Wolffe 1st.

Vocal Solo Grade 4 - Jordan Pears 1st, Boys’ Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy.

Vocal Solo Grade 5 - Charis McWhirter 1st, Girls’ Wigtownshire Music Association Trophy.

Vocal Solo Grade 6 - Amy McCulloch 1st.

Vocal Solo Advanced - Bryony Hawkins 1st.

Songs from the Shows - Bryony Hawkins 1st.

Vocal Duets Junior - Tea Oliver & Emily Jones 1st, Kirkmaiden Cup; Liza-Beth Brannock & Maggie Maxwell 2nd; Hayley McGaw & Sorsha Wolffe 3rd.

Primary School Choirs 1-3 Teacher Schools - P4-7 Kells Primary School 1st, Lindsay Singers Trophy *new trophy; Colvend Primary School 3rd; P4-7 Borgue Primary School 2nd.

Primary School Choirs 6+ Teacher Schools - Belmont Primary Choir 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy; Whithorn Primary Choir 2nd; Penninghame Primary Choir 3rd.

Primary School Choir for Boys - Whithorn Primary Choir 1st.

Primary School Choirs Hymn & Folk Song - Whithorn Primary Choir 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy; Penninghame Primary Choir 2nd; Minnigaff Primary Choir 3rd.

Recital Class Up to Grade 3 - Daniel Heaney 1st, Caledonian Cheese Cup; Lorna Phillips 2nd; Emma Harrison 3rd.

Recital Class Grade 4-5 - Lauren Galloway 1st, James Stevenson Trophy; Yasmin Da Prato 2nd; Emma Robinson 3rd. Recital Class Grade 6 upwards - Charis McWhirter 1st, Wigtownshire Music Festival Trophy; Rebekah Donn 2nd; Rosie Higginson 3rd.

Composition Junior - Talitha Williams 1st, Duncan Trophy; Bryony McCaw 2nd.

Composition Senior - Rebekah Donn 1st.

Group Music Making 1-3 Teacher School - P4-6 Dalry School 1st, Galloway Music Festival Trophy; P7 Dalry School 2nd; P4-7 Kirkcolm Primary School 3rd.

Group Music Making 4+ Teacher School - P6-7 Port William Primary School 1st Vanderhorst Memorial Trophy; P3 Penninghame Primary School 2nd; P4 Penninghame Primary School 3rd=; P2-3 Port William Primary School 3rd=; P5-6 Glenluce Primary School 3rd=; P4-5 Port William Primary School 3rd=; P5 Penninghame Primary School 3rd.

Poem or Monologue Primary 1-3 - Max Williams 1st, Machars Quaich; Logan Hall 2nd; Simeon Wilson 3rd.

Poem or Monologue Primary 4 - Bronnen Pears 1st.

Poem or Monologue Primary 5 - Elijah Wilson 1st.

Poem or Monologue Primary 7 - Lindsey Barr 1st, Lorimer Cup; Barnaby Williams 2nd.

Poem or Monologue Secondary - Clodagh Beattie 1st, Maxwell Cup; Dylan Blore 2nd.

Prose Reading Primary 1-3 - Katie McCaig 1st, Prose Reading Quaich; Joey Murray 2nd.

Prose Reading Primary 4-5 - Daniel Heaney 1st, Prose Reading Quaich; Emily Harrison 2nd; Emily Kay 3rd.

Prose Reading Primary 6-7 - Jordan Todd 1st, Prose Reading Quaich; Keith Penrose 2nd; Erin Old 3rd=; Rebekah Hughes 3rd=.

Prose Reading Secondary - Dylan Blore 1st, Prose Reading Quaich.

Chanter Solo Primary School - Rory Morford 1st, Merrick Trophy; Harry Glasgow 2nd; Heather Nicol 3rd.

Bagpipe Solos Under 14 March - Cory Skilling 1st, Kells Trophy; Bethany Hanley 2nd; Billy Spalding 3rd.

Bagpipe Solos Under 16 March - Coll Marshall 1st, Allison Motors Bagpipes Shield; Angelina Bojezuk 2nd.

Bagpipe Solos Under 18 March, Strathspey and Reel - Billy Burgess 1st, Lochmaben Royal Burgh Trophy; Arron Gibson 2nd.

Bagpipe Solos Over 18 - Karen-Marie Keenan 1st; Andrew Nicol 2nd.

Drumming Solos Under 14 March - Neibh Maxwell 1st; Shauna Kirkpatrick 2nd.

Drumming Solos Under 16 March - Steven Wilson 1st,Lamachan Trophy;Kirsty Smith 2nd.

Scots Fiddle Solos Junior - Rebecca Blakeman 1st, Annette Jolly Trophy; Rachel Black 2nd=; Archie McCreath 2nd=; Lorna Phillips 3rd=; Carolyn Fisher 3rd=.

Scots Fiddle Solos Senior - Iona Bonaventura 1st, Jack Duffy Trophy; Kathryn Arthington 2nd; Oliver Grimes 3rd.

Penny Whistle/Flute Solo Beginners - Bronnen Pears 1st.

Penny Whistle/Flute Solo Senior - Rebekah Donn 1st.

Scots Verse Primary 1-3 - Thomas Scott 1st, Music Shop Trophy; Gordon Keith 2nd; Adam Old 3rd=; Adam Reid 3rd=; Georgiana Grimwood 3rd=.

Scots Verse Primary 4 - Bronnen Pears 1st, Kells Trophy; Phoebe Townsend 2nd; Mark Fairclough 3rd=; Daniel Heaney 3rd=.

Scots Verse Primary 5 - Emily Harrison 1st; Joseph Strain 2nd; Jack Forsyth 3rd.

Scots Verse Primary 6 - David Gaw 1st, MacDonald Trophy; Regan Boyce 2nd; Emily Jones 3rd.

Scots Verse Primary 7 - Donald Robinson 1st, Cairnsmore Trophy; Grace McKee 2nd; Sorsha Wolffe 3rd.

Scots Verse Secondary - Jessica Hannay 1st; Zoe Kirkpatrick 2nd.

Scots Song Solo Junior - Lindsey Barr 1st, Stafford Shield; Abbie McNeillie 2nd; Kerren Galloway 3rd=; Matthew Dorans 3rd=.

Scots Song Solo Senior - Bryony Hawkins 1st, Scots Song Shield.

Scots Song Choral Primary - Belmont Primary Choir 1st, Saltire Trophy; Whithorn Primary Choir 2nd.

Smaller Ensembles - Creetown Brass Ensemble 1st, North West Castle Trophy.

Woodwind Solo Adult - John Duncan 2nd.

Larger Ensembles - Creetown Silver Band 3rd.

Smaller Ensembles - No-name Ceilidh Group 1st; Bladnoch Trophy.

Scots Instrument Adult Solo - Susan Grimes 2nd=.

Scottish Song Adult Solo - John Duncan 2nd=.