Galloway is set to get superfast broadband

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Galloway residents were told this week that 95 percent of the region will be connected to superfast broadband in the project’s first year.

Plans from Digital Scotland to roll out new technology to Galloway homes are still subject to change, and are likely to focus on the east of the region first.

But representatives from Digital Scotland, the driving force behind the three-year UK government-funded project to improve connectivity across the country, said the region could be given 80 percent of the project’s first year deployment, with 80,000 premises being upgraded.

However, Duncan Nesbitt of Digital Scotland told a special meeting called at Wigtown’s County Buildings on Tuesday that there will be just short of 4000 premises that will remain unable to receive superfast broadband due to their rural locations, but they will be assisted in attaining a 2Mbps minimum through other methods. There are 
also many parts of the Machars which are “under evaluation” regarding whether they will be connected at all.

He said: “If the Scottish government project wasn’t happening, only 26 percent of premises would be connected to superfast broadband.

“Instead, this programme expects to take coverage in Dumfries and Galloway up to 95 percent.”

Members of the public at the meeting voiced concerns about currently being unable to achieve useable speeds for working from home.

One man said: “This is 
rural Scotland – we get that connectivity isn’t of central belt standards, but why should we pay the same as someone in Glasgow for a 
meagre service?”

It was agreed that the 
community should approach Ofcom regarding discrepancies in charges.

Mid Galloway Councillor Graham Nicol said: “I’m 
delighted we’ve now got the full roll-out programme and it’s a very positive story for the area.

“We should be embracing it with open arms.”