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Memorial Hall

THE March Sweep was won by Helen Allan and Alice Donnelly, collecting £50 each. Anyone interested in joining the waiting list should let any committee member know or call 821211.



Netherlee Parish Church Glasgow was the venue on Saturday, March 3 for the annual general meeting of The Galloway Association of Glasgow.

Before the start, vice-president Angus Rex introduced guest speaker Dr Ian Ruthven, who gave a most interesting and illuminative power-point presentation on Louis McGuffie, a recipient of The Victoria Cross in World War 1 and a native of the county town of Wigtown.

Dr Ruthven is a retired consultant paediatrician who had worked for the National Health Service in the Wigtownshire, Dumfriesshire and Ayrshire areas.

On a visit to the Town Hall in Wigtown, he came across a plaque bearing Louis McGuffie’s name and details of his Victoria Cross award.

It was then deep in the recesses of his mind he remembered a connection with the McGuffie family of Wigtown.

This stirred an interest in genealogy which resulted in him discovering a direct line between himself and Louis. He also expressed a very personal interest in the Bladnoch Distillery and he was delighted to discover that an ancestor had been one of the first maltsters at the distillery. At the end of his presentation, Dr Ruthven was thanked by all.

Mr Rex then took the chair to deliver his annual report, followed by reports from treasurer Alan Edgar and secretary Anne Rankin. During the past year, £17,960 was given to charitable organisations and students across the Galloway area.



MRS Proudlock welcomed members to the February meeting. We had Glenlochar ladies visiting and they entertained us for the evening with recitations, recipes, music and a quiz which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Competition results: 3 Cup Cakes – 1, Mrs Henderson; 2, Mrs Gilligan; 3, Mrs Johnstone. Bowl of bulbs – 1, Mrs Gilligan; 2, Mrs Proudlock; 3, Mrs E McCarlie. Flower of the month – 2, Mrs McWilliam; 2, Mrs E McCarlie; 3, Mrs Johnstone.



THE Mochrum Ladies Jean Armour Society recently held their annual Burns Supper in The Clansman Restaurant in Port William. Hostess for the evening was Mrs Penrose, and she invited Mrs Fisher to address the haggis and she obliged in her usual, flawless, passionate style. Mrs Gaw then delivered the Selkirk Grace in a less traditional manner, adding her own unique play on words to the short prayer.

Following an excellent Burns feed, Mrs Penrose introduced Mrs Christie to speak. She gave an informative talk about her time working in Kilmarnock and entertained the ladies with an extremely humorous speech based on the scenario of Burns being put on trial.

Mrs McTurk then delivered a hilarious speech on the science of communication and, indeed, the consequences if a lack of communication occurs. Mrs Cowan and Mrs Wallace delivered the vote of thanks. Miss Wallace and Miss McMaster then led the community singing.

The Jean Armour 2012 experience was enjoyed by all the ladies and raised £200 for Port William Primary School.

Newton Stewart


RIVERSIDE Centre Whist results: Friday, March 2, Ladies – 1, Wendy; 2, Pauline. Consolation – Nina. Gents – 1, John; 2, Susan. Consolation: Mollie. Monday, March 5, Ladies – 1, Janette; 2, Mary F. Consolation – Wendy. Gents – 1, Mollie. 2, Andy. Consolation – Margaret L.


NEWTON Stewart Bridge Club results, February 28 – North-South: 1, -1320, Chris Laraway and Russell McClymont; 2, -1890, Tommy Wright and Jack Parker; 3, -2000, Vivian Delf and Donald Strong. East-West: 1, +4240, Betty and Jim Watson; 2, +3130, Joyce Maitland & Helen Laraway; 3, +2920, Barbara Gaw & Lynn Drummond.

Port William


RESULTS: North South – 1=, 5490 Anne, Russell McClymont and Ann Gerrish, Fay Halliday; 3, 4590 Margaret Parker, May Cowan. East West – 1, -1920 Pat McGattigan, Ian Young; 2, -2070 Leslie McNaught, Elsie Kirby; 3, -2470 Veronica Kingston, Margaret Campbell.



PRESIDENT Nancy Birse welcomed members to the February meeting on Tuesday 21 in the McMillan Hall and a warm welcome was given to two members Nan McKie and Heather McLean.

Speakers speakers for the evening were Pauline Plunkett and her daughter Sarah McGarva. Sarah gave a very interesting talk and showed us slides of her trip to China. She visited places like Beijing, Shanghai and the Great Wall. It was fascinating. Vice-president Joan McKie gave the vote of thanks to Sarah for a most enjoyable evening and Nancy asked Sarah and Pauline to judge our competitions.

A lovely supper was provided by May McHarg and Margaret Copeland, then our raffle was drawn.

Competition results: Novelty egg cup – 1, Joan McKie; 2, Janet Purdie; 3, Margaret Copeland. Pâté – 1, Eleanor McCreadie; 2, Janet Purdie.

Next meeting is on Tuesday, March 20, when the speaker will be Liz Bishop.



Guest at the February meeting was Jimmy Moore, the local vet. He started his talk from the day he moved to Kirkcudbright 30 years ago. We saw slides of all the places that meant something to him through his years here which were very interesting.

Jimmy talked about his practice and the changes he has seen through the years with great humour and certainly gave us a very good insight into his life as a vet.

President June wished everyone good luck in the forthcoming Federation Bulb Show, then took time to express everyone’s at losing one of our honorary members, Lizzie Cruickshank, who had been a Rural member for many years and had sadly passed away. Our thoughts are with her family at this time.

Competition winners: Animal ornament – 1, Agnes Watson; 2, Anne McCulloch; 3, Rosemary Gibson; 4, Jean Adams; 5, Mary McMorran. Flower of the month – 1, Agnes Watson; 2, Lilian Carson; 3, Karen Miller. 3 Fairy Cakes – 1, Mary McMorran; 2, Agnes Watson; 3, Barbara Wilcox.

June wished the carpet bowlers good luck in their competition in Castle Douglas on March 10, then ended the evening with one of her humorous poems of the evening’s happenings.

Special guests at the January meeting were Mrs Martin and Twynholm School Choir and Carol Clark and her country dancers. Carol and her dancers started the evening. She started up her dancing group in Twynholm in October 1992 so it was great to see it still going after 20 years. The schoolchildren then enchanted the group with a few songs and sang a new one which they would be singing in a competition shortly.

Competition winners: Flower of the month – 1, Agnes Watson, 2, Wilma Ingram; 3, Moira Graham. Xmas card received – 1, Joe Love; 2, Barbara Wilcox; 3, Agnes Watson; 4, Irene Houston; 5, Moira Graham. Tattie scones – 1, Agnes Watson; 2, Mary McMorran.



THE March whist winners: 1, Bill and Myra; 2, The Wigtown Girls, (Bunty and Kate); 3, Myra and Pauline. Consolation: Elaine and Laura.



WIGTOWN and District Bridge results, Wednesday, February 29: N/S – 1, Margaret Baird and Mary Sharp +2910; 2, Jo Chambers and Marion Halstead +1070; 3, Betty Marshall and Lesley McNaught +390. E/W – 1, Fay Halliday and Margaret Parker +1720; 2, Pat McGettigan and Ian Young +590; 3, Joyce Kinnear and Ann Gerrish -280.



THE promise of wet and misty weather did not put 16 ramblers off their Saturday walk, and their constancy was rewarded with a fairly warm and sunny day.

A circular walk around Wigtown began at the County buildings and proceeded down Bank Street, out through the portals of the old east gate to the churchyard where many viewed the pre-Reformation church which was used until the mid-1800s.

The inscriptions on the graves of the martyrs Margaret Lachlane and Margaret Wilson, caused great interest. They endured a watery death at the stake in 1685 for adhering to their Covenanting faith and refusing to swear allegiance to the King.

Interest on the opposite side of the road was found in a stone carved with a cross in the garden of Croft-an-Righ. This is thought to be the site of a Dominican monastery, founded in 1247 by the mother of John Baliol, Devorgilla. Passing to the end of the lane, the walkers took the path by the former harbour, where a stone memorial was erected in 1936 to mark the spot where the martyrs died.

The route for the walk went along by the old railway line and past the site of Wigtown castle. A newly-flooded piece of wetland provided good bird-watching, with swans, coots, moorhens and mallards in evidence and a great flock of geese which took to the air as the walkers passed.

The path skirted the reeds and arrived at the river Bladnoch, where the high level walk along the bank allowed a good view of the flotsam left by recent tides, a pair of dummy legs seeming to have got stuck in the act of climbing over a fence.

The distillery was approached with many a wishful thought of a dram. Although the building was closed, a meeting with the owner, well known for his Irish hospitality, provided a warming taste of 20-year-old amber liquid.

The company now jollied along a narrow path between the river and the leat which provides water for the distillery. This leat allows sweet water, from above the tidal limit and therefore uncontaminated by the briny sea, to be brought about a mile and a half to the works. It was dug in 1830.

Halfway down the leat, the ramblers crossed a narrow walkway and Cotland woods were entered and some fallen trees provided a good seat for lunch.

The refreshed company moved on with ever-expanding views over the water to the hills beyond. Fields were crossed, past Cotland Loch and over the brow of House Hill, until the Kirkcowan road was reached, crossed, and a newly-cleared lane taken, skirting Kirvennie Hill and linking with Broadfield farm track over more muddy fields.

By Hollybush House, Common Moss Lane was entered, a grassy track which soon brushed some of the mud from the boots, and the streets of Wigtown were found again via Lovers Walk and Kirkland road. Once back at the county buildings and boots changed, a warm welcome was given to the ramblers at the Wigtown House Hotel where the company repaired for tea.

Next week’s walk is a seven-mile coastal delight from Corsewall to Lady Bay. Meet for car sharing at Riverside Newton Stewart, 9am, Breastworks, Stranraer, 9.30am or at the walk start, Corsewall lighthouse (NW 982 726) 10am. If going straight to the start please contact walk leader 01671 403351. All are welcome.