Funny Sunny delights the Swallow Theatre audience

Sunny Ormonde
Sunny Ormonde

Yes we all thought we were in the presence of the outrageous Lillian Bellamy from ‘The Archers’ for the evening.

Indeed we were for a large part of the time.

The irrepressible Lillian kept popping in throughout the evening (sometimes uninvited!) and provided insight into the characters with whom she lives in Ambridge.

She gained untold sympathy for her heartache at the hands of “that man in Costa Rica”.

Sunny also explained some of the behind the scenes working of the radio programme. But if anyone stayed away thinking it would be all about The Archers, they made a grave mistake.

We were delighted by the wide variety of performances from the talented and versatile Sunny Ormonde. 
The evening comprised an eclectic mix of material from Thomas Hardy, Shakespeare, Laurie Lee, Willy Russell, Gervais Phinn, Pam Ayres, Sunny’s Granny and many more! Jokes, limericks and lovely ‘children’s voices’ were plentiful and had the audience hanging on every word. 
There were particular highlights of course.

Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine was moving and poignant and Sunny created a wonderful mysterious atmosphere in her excerpt from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. She created a radio presentation from ‘Under Milkwood’ which underscored the rich natural talent in her repertoire.

A revealing factor in the often hilarious question and answer session relating to the long running and addictive radio soap was the rolling monthly contracts that the BBC imposes on the actors - even the long serving ones!

On this evidence Sunny Ormonde need have no fears concerning her future should the Beeb ever be daft enough to push her off a roof!