Fund to follow up Gatehouse archaeological dig

The cleaned Pictish stone
The cleaned Pictish stone

THE Gatehouse Development Initiative is one of the first groups in the UK to receive a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) All Our Stories grant.

This exciting project, Gatehouse of Fleet in the Dark Ages, led by the Gatehouse Development Initiative (GDI), has been given £7,900 to make the most of the exciting discoveries made by the Galloway Picts Project at Trusty’s Hill.

The GDI will work with GUARD Archaeology Ltd to produce a series of high quality information panels to be displayed at the Mill on the Fleet Exhibition Centre.

The GDI will be helping to organise an event in Gatehouse for the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society to make a full report on the Galloway Picts Project findings to the local community. The GUARD archaeologists will also be organising a training day for local volunteers willing to lead guided walks around Trusty’s Hill.

Working with an experienced artist and writer, Gatehouse school children will take part in an exciting school project inspired by Trusty’s Hill, kindling their enthusiasm for their local heritage and providing a memorable learning experience. This part of the project will be led by the National Scenic Area Officer, who has been working with the local communities to raise awareness and understanding about our outstanding landscapes.

TV presenter and historian Michael Wood, said: “It is really tremendous that the people of Gatehouse of Fleet have been inspired to get involved to tell their own story and to dig deeper into their own past.

Commenting on the award, GDI chairman David Steel said: “Trusty’s Hill was a very important site in Dark Age Scotland. It is excellent news that we have been awarded this grant to make the most of the discoveries and provide another reason for people to visit Gatehouse and for us all to learn more about our great local heritage.”