Fuel prices

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A NEWTON Stewart garage owner felt obliged to drop the price of unleaded fuel on the forecourt purely as “a goodwill gesture” after the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced a 1p a litre cut in fuel duty from 6pm on Wednesday in the budget.

Ian McCreadie from McCreadie’s Garage in Queen Street cut the price of unleaded from 1.33.9 a litre to 1.32.9, but kept diesel prices at 1.39.9 a litre.

He said: “I hope no one things we are profiteering from fuel. I put the price of unleaded down a penny as a goodwill gesture but we have already paid the duty on the fuel we buy and no one is going to reimburse us what we have already paid.

“We are selling diesel as cost as it is and fuel prices have gone up this last week by 3.32p plus we have to pay between one and two pence on any credit card transactions.

“When we can we will always be the cheapest to keep people in Newton Stewart as rural filling station are needed in this area.

“We are probably losing money at the moment but I’d rather do that than get abuse on the forecourt.”

At Creebridge Garage the prices had stayed the same at 1.32.9 for unleaded and 1.39.9 for diesel. Owner John Dobson said: “The price will only go down when we get a new load in. The price going up or down is no advantage to us - these prices are set by the petrol companies.

“But may I remind you that when I changed to Jet two years ago I reduced prices by 7p a litre in this area. There should be support in rural areas on a post code basis - that would work.”

Wigtown Road Service Station had dropped the price of unleaded by 1p to 1.33.9 but diesel remained at 1.39.9.