From Our Files

50 years ago - June 30, 1962

A welcome was extended to Newton Stewart’s new head post master Mr D B R Muir by the members of the Newton Stewart Post Office Advisory Committee at a meeting held in Newton Stewart Post Office. Comment on the local telephone directory had been favourable and, with the imminent distribution of the second issue, it was now an established fact. The principal of removing the kiosk at the Grange of Cree to Lamachan View had been agreed. But Mr R McKie, who could not attend the last meeting, was not in favour of the move saying it would serve a smaller public at the new site and private customers at the Grange would be inconvenienced by being asked to make their telephones available to non subscribers. Mr Lothian, from Post Office Telephones, explained that the income at the Grange was very small, the kiosk was maintained at considerable loss and while the income at Lamachan View would still not be large, it promised to show some improvement.

With a superb display of riding skill, Forfar man William Beattie swept the boards at the grass track meeting held at Machermore field on Sunday afternoon. The meeting was organised by the Galloway Car and Motor Cycle Club. He took first place in three of the four events riding a 250cc Greaves and also provided the highlight of the afternoon when he beat a Jap-engined speedway machine into second place over six laps in one of the most exciting races ever seen at Machermore.

25 years ago - 3rd July 1987

A Huddersfield company have lost their bid to go ahead with a housing development programme at Newton Stewart’s disused Cree Mills site. The Regional Planning Committee threw out the controversial plan proposed by applicants Glen Cree Ltd., Eddisons, Oak House, New North Road, Huddersfield, on the grounds that converting the mill shop to a house would hinder any future industrial use of the factory. The Committee went on the reject the proposed residential development as it contravenes an approved development plan in which part of the site is zoned for industrial use, and part for public open space.

Not all things are bright and beautiful.....and in Glenluce the villagers seem to be divided on the merits of and colour of the Regional Council’s funded workshop units which were officially put on the market for leasing this week. At the Stranraer end of the village there now stands a shocking red and loud blue coloured building that has already been branded an “eyesore” and “abominable”. And the question many seem to be asking is this: “If a farmer had applied for planning permission for such buildings of startling colour then would he not have been refused?” The feeling is the Region are bending their policies to suit themselves and not the communities. Children June and James Gray of Hillside said they didn’t really mind the colour but would have preferred a swimming pool, tennis courts and a BMX track.