From Our Files

50 years ago - June 23, 1962

WIGTOWN Burgh Treasurer Mr C F Mummery told the members of the Town Council at their monthly meeting that by virtue of being treasurer he had a dual personality. On the one hand he said, he tried to be polite and not snoop as an ordinary citizen, but as Treasurer he was forced to adopt the general guise of the dual personality. The council were considering complaints about the condition of the dykes and fences round the burgh fields and Treasurer Mummery admitted he had gone to inspect one of the dykes remarking that he did not want the convenor with him as he wanted a complete snoop. Later in the discussion he said that if there was any attempt at clipping the wings of the treasurer in his duties he would not continue as Treasurer.

Criticism of Stranraer FC’s transfer and signing policies was aired at a lively annual meeting of the club. Members of the committee were criticised for transferring Adam Imrie from Berwick Rangers, for making new season signings from Queen of the South and for giving free transfers to two right halves and retaining one who could not win his place in the team all season. Despite this, however, officials and members of the committee were re-elected to office. In his annual secretary’s report, James A Edmunds said that Stranraer’s thirteenth season as members of the Scottish Football League had given a certain amount of satisfaction. Weight was added to this when Mr Sprott submitted the financial report which showed the club had a credit balance of £6,871.

25 years ago - June 27, 1987

WIGTOWNSHIRE garage owners have been so angered by a report in a local newspaper that they have been forced to share the costs of a quarter page advertisement this week to defend their reputation. The newspaper article came from the annual report of the Regional Council’s Department of Trading Standards which said that the used car trade had had a significant impact on the department’s resources for 1986 and it listed a series of “fiddles” which were uncovered by the department during the year. These included a Ford Escort which had the front part of an Escort van and the rear portion from a Ghia saloon. Seven garages combined to take out the advertisement. It said: “We wish to make it perfectly clear that no allegations of misconduct or malpractice have been levelled against any one of the franchised dealers here noted. We stand together in deploring dealers who, through their suspect trading policies, bring our industry into disrepute.”

A record entry of 172 schools competed in the Scottish Schoolgirls Athletic Championships at Grangemouth on Saturday. Mhairi Livingston won bronze medals for the 17-and-over age group in the long jump and the 100 metres and was pipped by a fraction of a second for a unique treble of bronze medals in the final of the 200 metres. This is quite an achievement for an athlete from the south west of Scotland. She was the sole representative of the Douglas Ewart High School.