From Our Files

50 years ago – May 12, 1962

When an application from the town joiner for the additional payment of 2/- per week for the use of his tools came before the Newton Stewart Town Council this week, Billie T K McDowall said he could not see how such a payment could be justified. Men, he alleged, went out working at night on private work, thus taking the work away from others trades people and their colleagues. He could not see therefore, why they should be asked to keep up their tools.

The man who claimed he had found the perfect way to live, died this week aged 72. He was Johnnie Logie, miner, hermit and cave-dweller who for 35 years led a life of solitude in a cave on the lonely shores of Luce Bay at Kirkmaiden, Monreith. Only twice during his stay did he leave the cave, both times to get medical help. He died at the home of relatives in Sorn, Ayrshire where he moved last year after finally deciding to give up the desolate but simple life of a hermit.

TO replace the temporary houses at The Park, Whithorn, twenty-four Dorran type three-apartment bungalows are to be erected, subject to the approval of the Department of Heath. The estimated cost of these is £1450 each. Provost Graham asked if arrangements had been made to help the tenants affected with their removals. He added that the burgh cart would be put at their disposal as none of them had far to go.

25 years ago – May 16, 1987

A fierce, four-pronged attack will be staged against sitting Tory Member of Parliament Ian Lang come June 11th when the General Election fever finally reaches a climax. The Tory stronghold of Galloway will come under fire from the Scottish Nationalists, the Liberal/SDP Alliance and Labour, with an Independent candidate providing a somewhat lesser threat to topple Ian Lang from the seat he has held for the past eight years. Kirkcudbright man Dan Kenny has chosen to contend the seat as an independent. The 67-year-old retired oil man said his world wide travels that have compelled him to stand. He said: I am standing as an Independent for an independent Scotland. Until 15 years ago I was a member of the Nationalists, but I quit because of their belief in devolution and the Scottish Assembly - that’s a load of rubbish.”

Newton Stewart officially became the most polite town in Scotland on Monday night when the founder of the polite society, the Rev. Ian Gregory, handed over an engraved trophy to Cree Valley Community Council. It was the first award made by the polite society which was established last September with the aim of promoting courtesy and civility in British life.

After a 23-year connection with Stranraer FC, coach Jim Bark resigned this week. Jim, 38, from the Lochans, said his decision had nothing to do with the team’s recent poor form, he simply felt the time had come to call it a day.