From Our Files

50 years ago - April 21, 1962

A proposal that Newton Stewart Golf Club affiliate itself to the newly formed Kirkcudbrightshire Golf Association was rejected this week by the members. The Stewartry had formed its own Association and propose to promote the Kirkcudbrightshire Championships. The Newton Stewart club had been asked if they wished to seek affiliation to the Association, in order to allow members resident in the Stewartry to play in the Kirkcudbrightshire Championships. At present the club was affiliated to the Wigtownshire Association, but some members did live in the Stewartry. The secretary of NSGC asked the members if they wanted to join the Kirkcudbrightshire Association to give those members the opportunity to play in the Championships. One member thought it wholly bad for players in Wigtownshire to subsidise those who lived in Minnigaff. Another member suggested that if the players concerned were interested in playing in the championships they should certainly join the Stewartry. It was argued that this would disunite a club which was very much united. A proposal that the club ignore the suggestion was then carried unanimously.

TWO more one-teacher schools in the Machars are to be closed by the Wigtownshire Education Committee. At a meeting this week it was announced that the schools would be Loudon and Longcastle. Both teachers were leaving for other posts and the recommendation of the schools and staffing sub-committee was that these two schools should now be closed down.

WIGTOWNSHIRE’S first Eventide Home, Cornwall Park, Newton Stewart, was officially opened this week.

25 years ago - April 25, 1987

THE blame for the increasing number of people killed or injured in road accidents in Dumfries and Galloway has been laid squarely on the shoulders of the drivers by Chief Constable Mr John Boyd in his annual report for 1986. He said: “Once again it is sad to note that the number of fatal accidents has increased from 25 in 1985 to 28 in 1986 and the number of lives lost from 30 to 42. In 1982 there were 316 Breathalyser offences and the following three years saw the figure climb to 360, 370 and to a peak of 385 in 1985 before falling back to 347 last year.

There was good news for one local curler, Philip Wilson this week on hearing his rink, the World Junior Champions, had been invited to represent Scotland at the European Championships in West Germany at the end of the year. But the invitation was a final kick in the teeth for Stranraer curler Hammy McMillan, a member of the Scottish Champions team, who were banned from the European Championships last week. In an unprecedented ruling by the game’s Scottish ruling body, the entire Scottish Champion rink has been barred from playing in the European competition due to the antics of their skip, Grant McPherson, during the World Curling Championships in Vancouver last month. Hammy told the Gazette: “I think they are being a bit pig-headed about the whole thing. They haven’t given the rest of us a chance to speak for ourselves. I’m still looking for an apology.” RCCC President Alex Torrance said: “The whole team weren’t guilty - only McPherson - but they play as a team and the council had no choice. It is unfortunate the innocent have to be affected along with the guilty.”