From Our Files

50 years ago - April 14, 1962

WIGTOWN Town Council are to continue to oppose the proposal of the South Western Fire Area Joint Board to serve Wigtown in the event of an outbreak of fire from Newton Stewart, and to press for a Fire Station of their own. A letter was read from the Board informing the council that they had again gone into the matter very carefully and had agreed to advise the Council that in their opinion it was in the interests of the burgh and of the adjoining part of the county that the non-operational Fire Station should be removed from Wigtown that the fire station at Newton Stewart should be made a two-pump station. If Wigtown County Council did not wish to reconsider their decision it was likely the board would refer the matter to the Secretary of State.

IMPROVEMENTS are to be carried out to the road to the Mull of Galloway. This was reported to the Roads and Transport Committee. Further meetings are due to take place with Mr Lindsay of Mull Farm and with representatives of the Lighthouse Commissioners regarding the future of the road. Provided the County Council place this road on the list of public highways immediately, meaning they would be responsible for the maintenance and improvements of the road, the Lighthouse Commissioners and Mr Lindsay were willing to pay to the County Council the sums of £2,000 and £1,000 respectively.

During the year 1962, a total of 62 persons were apprehended and dealt with for being drunk while driving or being in charge of a motor vehicle.

25 years ago - April 18, 1987

NEWTON Stewart computer businessman Mike Davey has pulled out of his £300,000 clay pigeon shooting and leisure plans for the Corsemalzie House Hotel near Port William despite the starting gun having been fired by Dumfries and Galloway Region’s Planning Committee. Mr Davey told the Gazette he now plans to look outwith the region for a site if negotiations with landowners - one near Gatehouse and one along the Glenluce to Barrhill road - come to nothing. The regional planning committee approved the unique scheme last week, but the dramatic turnaround by Mr Davey has occurred because of a last minute decision by the owners of the hotel to keep three acres of the 40 acre grounds for their own use. Although only a small percentage of the land, the three acres are strategically placed ‘bang’ in the middle of the area to be used for the development.

LIBERAL leader David Steel arrived in Newton Stewart on Thursday and told the Gazette: “Yes, I’ve heard this is a most polite place.” But his mission was not with the polite society, but to give a rousing message to a full hall of supporters at Penninghame Primary School accompanied by Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Alliance John McKerchar. Mr McKerchar has a novel way of telling his supporters how to get the Alliance message across. “When you are in the butcher’s asking for two pounds of mince”, he said, “also say I’m voting for the Liberal Party!”.