From Our Files

50 Years Ago - February 17th, 1962

Representations are to be made by Wigtown Town Council to the South Western Fire Area Joint Board to retain the fire station in Wigtown. The matter arose at a meeting this week after a letter from the Board suggested that Wigtown Fire Station should be done away with and a two-pump station established at Newton Stewart. The opinion was also expressed in the letter that, due to the declining population in Wigtown and the surrounding area, difficulty would be experienced in finding sufficient personnel to man a fire station and it might be necessary to advertise for suitable men or to call a public meeting at which they could be appointed. The firemaster had also wanted to cut Bladnoch out of the fire service area but the town council disagreed strongly with this. There were 112 people employed at the Creamery and 15 at the Distillery and if either place went up in smoke it would have a dreadful effect of the burgh.

As part of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Education Committee’s amalgamation policy, thirteen schools in the County are to be closed it was decided this week. Among the school affected will be Minnigaff and Stronord, which will be amalgamated with the new Minnigaff Secondary School. By this decision the committee hope to save £424,000 against which there will be an estimated increase of £60,000 in transport costs.

25 Years Ago - February 21st, 1987

The popular television programme ‘One Man and His Dog’ will be of great local interest this week when Bunty Hyslop of Glenluce is one of three Scottish competitors. Bunty recently retired to the village after farming at Knockibae, New Luce and has been interested in sheepdog trials for over 50 years. The dog he is running in the BBC programme is ‘Zell’ an Irish-bred dog. ‘Zell’ was originally purchased for Sarah Lenaghan, Bunty’s shepherdess on the farm, but although ‘Zell’ was devoted to Sarah and followed her everywhere he refused to work sheep for her. He was on the point of being sent back home to Ireland when Bunty decided to have a go himself. He realised the dog was in strange surroundings and persevered with him. Slowly, ‘Zell’ began to settle down and show what he could do. He has proved to be one of Bunty’s best dogs ever.

The Galloway Pageant will return to it’s traditional dates this year, beginning on Saturday August 8th and concluding with Pageant Day on Saturday 15th. The new committee meet earlier this week and decided that once again an up-to-date and improved Pageant would be presented with the accent on entertainment for young people.

Stranraer curler Hammy McMillan is off to Vancouver in Canada next month in pursuit of world championship success. Hammy was playing third to Grant McPherson’s Forest Hills rink which won the Scottish Championships in Kirkcaldy last weekend. “It was a very good weekend, said Hammy, “This was the first time I have ever played with Grant at this level and things just seemed to work out nicely.”