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50 Years Ago - November 18th, 1961

HOUSEHOLDS affected by the recent storm which ravaged the coasts of Galloway are to receive no Government aid. Announcing this in the House of Commons on Wednesday in answer to questions put by the Member of Parliament for Galloway, the Scottish Under Secretary said on present information the Scottish Secretary did not consider that Government assistance to local storm and flood relief funds in Galloway would be justified. MP John Brewis said that if the storm had struck the south of England it would have been treated as a major disaster. Civil Engineers have been inspecting the 70-yard breach torn in the banks of the River Cree. Plans are now being made to contain 40 acres of land behind the breach with a new embankment. The cost of the work is likely to run into several thousands of pounds.

BAD behaviour that follows the Saturday night dances in Newton Stewart may lead to the dances being stopped unless there is an improvement. The members of Newton Stewart Town Council took a serious view of the situation at their monthly meeting. The provost said there was nothing wrong with the dances it was what happened after the dances that was the problem. The members felt it was unfair to deny 200 young people a night’s enjoyment because of the actions of few. The police were asked to step up their attempts to catch the culprits and then let the magistrates deal very seriously with them.

25 Years Ago - November 22nd, 1986

WITHIN the past few months the communities of Creetown and Gatehouse have welcomed the opening of the by-passes as part of the continuing programme to upgrade the A75 route. But within months of the opening of the by-passes there are disturbing reports of that the new turn offs have brought about potentially greater dangers than they have removed. There has been an accident at Creetown involving serious injury to a young local woman. And there are fears that worse may happen unless steps are taken to correct what appear to be major faults in the design of the two by-passes. At the Gatehouse end there a criticisms of a proliferation of signs which confuse drivers, and the absence of deceleration zones and slip roads to enable traffic to turn from the new by passes into Gatehouse.

TOURIST trade members were slammed this week for their “unbelievable apathy” in not attending and supporting their local tourist branch group meetings. The accusation came from Mr Alexander Aird while the Wigtown District Tourist sub committee were trying to elect their office bearers for the coming year at Glenluce Public Hall on Tuesday night. Only five sub committee members attended the annual general meeting. In an extraordinary outburst Mr Aird, of the Craigenelder Hotel, Stranraer, told the meeting he for one was not willing to stand for any form of office simply because on one else bothered to turn up. Chairman Leon Cadman Goodwin said he was not willing to let the sub committee fall into disarray and was most anxious to maintain it. He implored the members to stick together.