From Our Files

50 Years Ago - October 21st, 1961

In a full dress debate the Stewartry County Council agreed 14 votes to 12 that the new £120,000 school will be built in Minnigaff, as opposed to Creetown. This decision was taken despite many disputes over the cost of water supplies, the problem that Minnigaff may be absorbed into the town of Newton Stewart, and even how children in or around Minnigaff would commute to school and the distance they would have to travel. However, it was reiterated by the Chairman of the Education Committee, before he announced where the new school was built, that in choosing the building site he was fully focusing on the purely educational aspects of the school and where it was built. Despite this, Chairman (Colonel) Batchelor found the negative points of building the school in Minigaff easily solved and much more beneficial to the people around it, as did the 14 other council members who opted for the school to be built in Minnigaff. If Minnigaff was absorbed into Newton Stewart, compensation for the school would be paid, children from Glentrool would have to travel for less time and over a shorter distance to receive their education, whereas in Creetown, many facilities were run by the teachers, for example the church. However, the teachers of Creetown were not prepared to offer these benefits to the children of Wigtownshire, meaning that a large proportion of the population would not receive a full education from this school. After this verdict had been reached the only request Colonel Batchelor made was that these problems be dealt with quickly and that construction on the new school to begin as quickly as possible.

The Earl of Stair, Convenor of the Wigtown County Council for the past 40 years has decided to retire. The Earl has not been feeling in full health for a period of time and understands that it is time to enjoy a quieter and more restful life. The Earl joined the Wigtown County Council in 1914 and has been a member of the Council for 47 years making him the oldest member of the Council.

25 Years Ago - October 25th, 1986

Donna McTier, the assistant instructor in the SanTake Karate Kai in Stranraer, made an outstanding performance in the Karate Federation Open Championship, having clear victories over all of her opponents - male and female alike. McTier’s success in the championship comes mere months after winning a second Dan earlier this year, her intense and time-consuming training over a long period of time clearly paying off. Her performance of Kata was outstanding when compared with any other member; Kata being a classical pre-set sequence of attack and defence demonstrated without an opponent requiring an incredibly high degree of ability and concentration. The club are very pleased with the outcome of the day and are especially proud of McTeir’s success which is the first major trophy won by a club member.

Ian Lang, the MP for Galloway and Upper Nithsdale, visited the excavations in Whithorn and was given a tour of the site by the administrator of the dig, Mr Peter Hill. Mr Lang also visited the Whithorn Trust offices and was shown a variation of artefacts uncovered by the recent excavations. Lang said he was happy that the dig may create a great number of jobs and would be highly beneficial to the Whithorn economy and showed ways of enhancing the environment, not exploiting it.