From Our Files

50 years Ago - April 15th, 1961

THE people of Wigtown and District enjoyed a real musical treat on Saturday evening when the City of Glasgow Police Male Voice Choir visited the town and gave a concert in the Church Hall in aid of the Wigtown Church Renovation Fund. The programme presented was a real joy from beginning to end and will long remain a very pleasant memory with all who were privileged to hear it. The hall was filled with a most appreciative audience and the members of the choir and their conductor were accorded a real Galloway welcome. The Rev N R Swell, Minister of Wigtown Church, welcomed the choir and explained that the full choir and explained that the full choir had not been able to come but said they were delighted to see so many of them. Many people, he said, had been looking forward for a long time to the great musical treat which they were to have that night. They appreciated the choir’s coming there and they hoped they enjoyed their trip to Galloway as much as the audience enjoyed having them.

Five fishermen “walked the plank” to save their lives late on Monday night when a Morayshire fishing boat, the Fair Morn, ran around in thick fog on the rocky Mull of Galloway coast. The boat, a 63-foot seine-netter, was on its way to the Clyde from Whitehavan when it ran into a tiny inlet beneath high cliffs at Tarbet Bay, five miles from Drummore. As the boat broke up on the jagged rocks ,the five-man crew put out a plank to another rock on the shore and walked to safety – without even getting their feet wet.

25 Years Ago - April 19th, 1986

A REGIONAL roads contract, formerly carried out by the Dumfries and Galloway Regional Council’s own workforce, has gone to a Lancashire firm. The contract, believed to be worth over £100,000, forms a major part of the region’s road budget for this year. However, despite fears that jobs may be lost in the council’s direct labour departments, at present this seems unlikely to happen. It is the first time that the contract, part of the region’s ongoing resurfacing programme, has gone to a private firm. Under Government legislation brought in three years ago, local authority direct labour organisations have to submit tenders alongside private firms for contracts over a certain size. The contract has been won by Kelbit Limited for three of the four districts in Dumfries and Galloway - Wigtown, Stewartry and Nithsdale. Leslie Jardine, public relations officer for the Regional Council, said it was too early to say what the implications would be as far as the roads staff in these districts were concerned. It was unlikely, however, that any of the workforce would have to be paid off.

WITH only a week to go, 200 runners have so far signed up for this year’s Galloway Milk Marathon. Memories of the appalling weather on marathon day 1985 seem to have deterred a great many fun runners. Entries so far stand at 224, well down on last year when 614 took part.

WHILE rotovating his garden on Friday, an Isle of Whithorn man unearthed what appeared to be an unexploded bomb at his home, Portyerrick Mill. A bomb disposal unit from Edinburgh were called in and identified the 18 inch long missile as a harmless smoke float which had probably been washed up by a high tide.