Fringe play tours to Galloway

Following a phenomenally successful run at the Traverse Theatre and the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a production of Long Live the Little Knife will be touring to Scotland, including New Galloway.

Long Live The Little Knife began life as a mini-commission for the Royal Shakespeare Company in the British Museum. It got such an overwhelming response that writer and director David Leddy has brought the characters back for a full-length escapade for the 2013 Edinburgh Festival Fringe following performances in Glasgow.

Performed by Wendy Seager and Neil McCormack, who hails from Dumfries, Liz and Jim are a husband and wife team of forgers who have risen to great heights and fallen to great depths. They are caught in a turf war over fake vintage handbags. They need to find £250,000 in protection money. Their big boss, The Wee Man, convinces them to undertake a harebrained mission to up their game and become the world’s greatest art forgers. There’s only one problem: they can’t paint.

Based on a series of interviews with a real-life husband and wife forgery team, the text toys with the line between fact and fiction.

The show does not use any regular theatrical technical equipment at all. The audience sit within an elaborate installation of paint-splattered dust sheets. It’s as if Jackson Pollock has drunkenly exploded himself in the middle of the room. All the lighting is second-hand equipment bought from a real building site. The stage manager sits onstage, playing all the music cues on a battered, paint-splattered old stereo – also from a builder’s yard.

Long Live The Little Knife will be at The CatStrand, New Galloway, on Wednesday, September 18, at 7.30pm. Tickets are £10/£8, call 01644 420374 or visit