French twin town holiday coincides with local festival

Newton Stewart and the Machars will welcome a large group of French visitors to the area when guests from Marcoussis arrive for a three-night stay.

The 39 guests are arriving on May 5 from the French town twinned with Newton Stewart and district for three nights.

The small group of volunteers who run the Town Twinning Association is busy organising a programme of activities for a group of 17 young people who are among the guests.

Most of the visiting adults are planning to take part in the Newton Stewart Walking Festival with which the visit happily coincides.

Joan Mitchell, chair of the walking festival committee said: “We are thrilled that the 2016 festival will have an international flavour.

“We have had individual participants from Marcoussis in previous years, but this is the first we have had the chance to show a large group of overseas visitors just how much Galloway has to offer.”

Meta Maltman, chair of town twinning said: “ We are delighted to welcome such a large group of French visitors.”