Flu update at DGRI

Ward 12 of Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary remains closed to routine admissions and transfers due to influenza.

Routine visiting to Ward 12 is discouraged.

The total number of patients confirmed with influenza on Ward 12 is 17. There are four members of staff from the ward also confirmed as having influenza.

Elaine Ross, Infection Control Manager: “This Influenza variety is no more infectious, and causes no more serious complications as any other variety of

Those who has had the seasonal flu jab this winter has been vaccinated against Influenza A.

Our advice remains that anyone who is in the at-risk groups for flu (older people, and people with various chronic conditions like heart disease, lung diseases and diabetes, and also pregnant women) should be aware that it is still not too late to get the ‘flu vaccination from their GP surgery and staff who have not been vaccinated should contact Occupational Health.

Anyone with serious concerns about flu-like symptoms, can contact their GP or NHS 24 on 111.”