Floods raise rat problems

Homeowners across the country are facing further misery as rat communities displaced by the recent flash floods find their way into households.

The deluged drains and sewers of the past few weeks have mobilised rat populations previously living underground, driving them above the flood waters and in some cases into homes, reports drainage specialist Drain Claim.

The insurance handling firm believes the nation’s booming rat population – currently at 80 million – will continue to rise due to contributing factors that together present the ideal environment for the proliferation of vermin.

The combination of flash flooding, an ageing sewer system, councils cutting back on pest control and weekly bin collections, and insurers failing to repair damaged drains, is creating the perfect breeding ground for rats in residential areas.

A growing problem within the nation’s sewerage system, rats are capable of swimming up to half a mile, even against the current, in a sewer pipe. Young rats can squeeze through holes as little as 1cm wide. Rats are also difficult to eradicate once they have established a nest, with females capable of producing litters of up to 10, 10 times per year.