Flood appeal gets £2500 boost

Richard Kay, CVCC Treasurer, Angus Rex, Galloway Association of Glasgow, and Tom Greenaway, CVCC Chairman
Richard Kay, CVCC Treasurer, Angus Rex, Galloway Association of Glasgow, and Tom Greenaway, CVCC Chairman

After watching the devastating flood in Newton Stewart on the television news, Galloway Association of Glasgow members were so distressed they decided to donate £2,500 to a charity fund for flood victims.

Angus Rex from the Association travelled down from the city on Wednesday to meet representatives of the Cree Valley Community Council in the Bruce Hotel to hand over a cheque to the charity fund for flood victims, bringing the total raised so far to over £5000.

Mr Rex said: “Those of us sitting in our warm and dry homes were saddened to see the television pictures and hear the radio reports of the end of year floods that overwhelmed parts of our beloved Galloway.

“These sad scenes reminded us of the Association’s long history of benevolence to Galloway, like when the Association provided funds to local communities during previous floods, such as Creetown in the 1950s - history has a habit of repeating itself.

“The Trustees of The Galloway Association of Glasgow were delighted to hear of the appeal created by the Cree Valley Community Council, and that the funds will be distributed quickly by local people to local people. We are delighted to be able to contribute and hope the cheque from the Association will provide much needed immediate help to local people.”

Cree Valley Community Council Chairman Tom Greenaway added: “This is not the first time this group have helped this area. It’s remarkable the generosity of people in far off districts to raise this money for us and bring it down to us and I would like to thank them. We hope the money can be utilised to alleviate the problems created by the flooding.

“All monies given are greatly appreciated and will be put to good use and it will all be accounted for.”

CVCC treasured Richard Kay commented that the flood funds will remain open until the end of the month.

Mr Kay said: “We have had many donations, large and small, all very welcome. A cheque arrived today for £100 out of the blue and the Galloway Mountain Rescue Team, who fund-raise all year round at Sainsburys, gave us a week’s collection. The Newton Stewart Initiative have also been very busy with flood fund-raising.”

If you want to donate, either send a cheque to Cree Valley community Council, c/o Mr Richard Kay, 4 Doonhill Way, Newton Stewart, DG8 6JF. Online donations can be made by visiting crowdfunding.justgiving.com/creevalley-communitycouncil-1.

The Galloway Association of Glasgow has been in existence for 225 years and has funded hundreds of different charities, projects and individuals in Wigtownshire and Kirkcudbrightshire.