Five caught drunk driving in region

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DURING the final week of the national Festive Drink Drug Drive Campaign, police officers in Dumfries and Galloway detected five drunk drivers, adding to the total of 131 offenders caught across the country.

In total, over the campaign’s four week period, 478 offenders were caught driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit, 36 offenders were detected for driving whilst under the influence of drugs and 11 offenders were reported for driving whilst impaired through alcohol. This is an overall increase compared to last year’s campaign which saw 426 drink drivers caught and a further 25 who were found to be unfit through drugs and one who were unfit through alcohol.

During this year’s campaign, the vehicle forfeiture scheme was extended to include first time offenders who provided a high reading or who refused to provide a sample for analysis.

Chief Superintendent Kate Thomson said: “It is deeply concerning that so many people are willing to risk their own lives and the lives of others. As well as receiving a criminal record, a substantial fine and an automatic 12 month ban, some of these drivers may also have their vehicle taken away for good.

“Although the campaign is now over, we will continue to target drink and drug drivers on a daily basis with patrols across the country out 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”