Fishing vessel runs around at Kirkcudbright

People are being asked to stay away from Kirkcudbright Lifeboat Station after an Irish-based fishing vessel grounded there in the early hours of the morning.

A spokesperson for Dumfries and Gallowway Council said: “The Maritime and Coastguard Agency informed us earlier today of a grounding incident involving the fishing vessel Accord (based in Killkeel, Ireland) south of the Life Boat Station, Kirkcudbright. The incident occurred at 0230hrs on Friday 31 March 2017.

“There have been no reported injuries. Damage to the vessel is being assessed with possible repairs to seal the hull being considered. At present there is no leakage of fuel oil.

“The Council is assisting the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and other partner agencies in responding to this incident. We have arrangements in place for scenarios such as this, and these have been implemented.

“It is important that people stay clear of the area so that these agencies can continue to deal with the situation.”