First-time offender was in ‘total shock’ after knife arrest

A Portpatrick woman was 
admonished this week after 
appearing in court charged with brandishing a knife at her partner.

Hazel Morrow, 48, of Old Station Court admitted the charge. Lawyer Margot Nicol explained that on the evening of January 26 this year, Morrow’s partner had been drinking all day and the pair had been going through personal issues involving another woman.

The court heard this woman arrived at the couple’s home with two other people, all of whom had been drinking. Morrow had been using a knife to make sandwiches and told her partner to make everyone leave or she’d phone the police, pointing the knife in his direction at the time. When police arrived, Morrow was charged following discussions with all parties.

A letter to the court from the partner said he had provoked Morrow.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb said Miss Morrow had been through enough and that accepted the that she’d been in “total shock” after a weekend in custody.