First pageant results announced as seven-day spectacular continues

Galloway Pageant results so far:
On Sunday, Kimberley and Jake won the Kids Treasure Hunt with Michelle Bartlett winning the £30 first prize in the Play Your Cards Right game.

The fun continued in the Black Horse Hotel later on Sunday with the Karaoke Competition which was won by Rachael Ferris.

On Monday the Annual Open Golf Competition took place by courtesy of Newton Stewart Golf Club with the following results;

Juniors - 1st Robbie Mann, 2nd Kieran Cluckie, 3rd Rory Mann; ladies - 1st Alison Cloy; men - 1st Craig McQuillan.

The Pageant Pool Competition was held in the Central Bar on Monday evening with Ian Thomson taking first place with Robert Irvine being runner-up.

Tuesday evening saw the Calgow Showjumping event taking place with the following results;

X poles lead rein ponies - 1st Finlay Anderson on Lewis.

X poles ponies - 1st Jodie Stewart on Dice; 2nd Georgie Barr on Fudge; 3rd Logan Anderson on Toffee.

X poles horses - 1st Paige Ferrie on Pickles.

45cm ponies - 1st Rowen Allison on Sunny; 2nd Jodie Stewart on Dice; 3rd Georgie Barr on Fudge; 4th Finlay Anderson on Blue Wicked.

45cm horses - 1st Paige Ferrie on Bob.

55cm ponies - 1st Iona Campbell on Henry; 2nd Jade Stewart on Shooting Star; 3rd rRwen Allison on Sunny; 4th Isla Campbell on McGinty; 5th Logan Anderson on Blue Wicked.

55cm horses - Paige Ferrie on Bob.

65cm ponies - 1st Iona Campbell on Henry; 2nd Jade Stewart on Shooting Star; 3rd Isla Campbell on McGinty.

75cm ponies - 1st Isla Campbell on McGinty.

85cm ponies - 1st Carla Campbell on Brady.

85cm horses - 1st Katy maxwell on Tess.

95cm ponies - 1st Carla Campbell on Brady; 2nd Iona Campbell on Murphy.

95cm horses - 1st Katy Maxwell on Tess.

1m 05 ponies - 1st Carla Campbell on Brady; 2nd Iona Campbell on Murphy.

Novelty classes

Run the course on foot - children - 1st Carla Campbell; 2nd Craig Mcculloch; 3rd Caitlin Jolly.

Run the course adults - 1st Roy MClymont; 2nd Paige Ferrie; 3rd Lyndsey Mcclymont; 4th Raymond Keenan.

Horse and hound - 1st Jodie Stewart riding Dice and Caitlin jolly running with Milo; 2nd rowen Allison riding Sunny and jade Stewart running with Milo; 3rd Logan Anderson riding Blue Wicked and Caitlin Jolly running with Russell; 4th Jade Stewart riding Star and Caitlin Sherry running with 
Dan; 5th Finlay Anderson riding Blue Wicked and Keera McClymont running with Lily.

Ride and run children - 1st Caitlin Jolly and Jodie Stewart; 2nd Iona and Carla Campbell; 3rd Isla Campbell and Georgie Barr.

Ride and run adults - 1st Lyndsey McClymont and Paige Ferrie.

The horse event for the Galloway Pageant at Calgow was full of fun and everyone was a good sport taking part in the novelty classes.

Colin Foulds, chair of the pageant committee, was on-hand to present the rosettes. Some of the dogs were very enthusiastic while others lay down and didn’t want to take part adding to the hilarity for the audience.

The Darts competition was held in the Central Bar with Jim McCulloch winning the singles with Craig Rennie taking second place. Jim McCulloch also won the pairs accompanie by Alan Johsntone with Craig Rennie and Jimmy Rodgers taking the runners-up spot.

Pageant fun continues for the rest of the week with two-bowl competition, treasure hunt, prize bingo, childrens sports and pub quiz to name a few of the organised events.

Saturday sees the decorated vehicle procession and fancy dress ahead of the crowning Ceremony which this year will take place in Minnigaff Park due to ongoing building work at the McMillan Hall.

The Pageant Pop Along with fun in the park takes place all afternoon with events, stalls and entertainment to fit everybody’s choice.

The day finishes with an event not to be missed with a dance in the Douglas Ewart High School with music from top tribute ban ‘Scottish Rain’ with their rendering of music from all legends of modern Scottish music.