Fireworks cancellation “a national disgrace” says MSP

MSP Alex Fergusson
MSP Alex Fergusson

Galloway Conservative MSP Alex Fergusson is calling for an urgent meeting with Scottish fire chiefs to ask for the logic behind their decision to ban firefighers in Whithorn from holding their annual community fireworks and bonfire next Saturday night.

The MSP told The Galloway Gazette: “It is little short of a national disgrace that this annual community event has had the rug pulled from under its feet – especially so late in the day that it is impossible to make alternative arrangements. It is typical of the centralising agenda that this SNP government has pursued with such fervour that local community events such as this are no longer permitted for the most petty of reasons – in this case ‘big brother’ has decided that the local firemen are not qualified to oversee this bonfire night that they have run without incident for the last 10 years, during which over 3000 children have safely enjoyed fireworks night.

“This decision is beyond pathetic, and it can only serve to encourage more unofficial firework displays to take place, with the consequent safety issues that they inevitably incur.

“This is the nanny state at its very worst, and I will be seeking a meeting with local fire officials to explore what can be done to avoid this situation in future years.”