Fire and rescue responds to flooding

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews attended 23 flooding incidents across the west of Scotland overnight.

Firefighters cleared water from properties and worked with police officers and local authority staff to ensure the safety of the public as heavy rain and strong winds affect communities throughout the area.

There are no reports of anyone having been hurt as a result of the flooding incidents attended by SFRS.

An incident in the Glenkens saw firefighters use lightweight portable pumps to clear around six inches of water from eight properties in the village of Carsphairn.

The SFRS crews isolated the electrical supply to each home and devised an evacuation plan in consultation with police officers, however no-one was in need of rescue and this was a precaution in case it became necessary to remove residents.

The work to clear the water began shortly before midnight and continued until around 3:30am (Thursday).