Festive Friday Warning

The party season is here. A time for celebration, fun and catching up with family and friends. Police Scotland is asking everyone to take a few minutes to plan ahead when out and about to ensure you have a fun and safe Christmas.

Some tips could help prevent your night from ending badly;

• Plan your Christmas night out – charge your mobile, remember to take it with you and think about how you’ll get home.

• Book a taxi from a reputable company or arrange for a family member or friend to pick you up.

• If drinking alcohol, be sensible about how much you consume. A drunk person is a far easier target for a criminal.

• Don’t leave drinks unattended

• Don’t use drugs or New Psychoactive Substances, sometimes misleadingly called ‘legal highs’. Legal doesn’t mean safe – they can contain toxic and harmful chemicals. Why risk your life?

• Stick with friends – don’t leave nights out on your own or with strangers.

• Take care of each other and make sure you all get home safely.

• Stay safe on your journey home - never take isolated short cuts. Keep to busy areas and on public transport, sit where there are lots of other people. If you’re using a taxi, make sure it’s licensed.

• Drivers should be mindful that partygoers, particularly those under the influence of alcohol can step out / stagger onto the road without warning. Slow down when in crowded areas.

Police would also like to remind people that the drink driving limit was lowered last year the limit is now 50mg in every 100ml of blood, so, beware the morning after: you could still be over the limit and risk your license the morning after the night before. Sleep, coffee and cold showers don’t help you to sober up – time is the only way to get alcohol out of your system.

Local Divisional Commander for ‘V’ Division Dumfries and Galloway, Chief Superintendent Mike Leslie said: “We want everyone to have a great time this festive season and our message is simple, take care and keep yourself safe. We will be out in force across the region tonight in what has been dubbed ‘Black Eye Friday’ over the years. Let’s lose that name, be responsible and stay safe on what should be known as ‘Festive Friday’. My officers are there to help keep you safe. Work with them to achieve this by being responsible. Those who are out to spoil the party for others will not be tolerated and will be dealt with with the full force of the law. Have a great festive season.”