Fergusson quizzes Scottish government on ‘enterprize zone’ for Stranraer

Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has suggested the creation of an Enterprise Zone for Stranraer if no developer is found for the waterfront.

After questioning the Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure and Investment in Parliament this week, Mr Fergusson said: “The Scottish Government needs to have a plan of action for Stranraer in the event that a developer for the waterfront is not found. I suggested that the creation of an Enterprise Zone would be one positive way forward to boost the local economy and encourage the redevelopment of the harbour. The Cabinet Secretary’s response waxed lyrical about the importance of working in partnership with other stakeholders, but that partnership working has delivered practically nothing thus far”.

“I hope that a successful buyer is identified for the site which, as we all know, has immense potential for development but, if that doesn’t happen, the Scottish Government must have a plan B. I am far from convinced that it has one”.