Fergusson lodges motion to protect war memorials

Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has lodges a motion in the Scottish Parliament encouraging custodians of war memorials to apply to a new scheme designed to protect war memorials against metal theft.

After lodging the motion Mr Fergusson said: “Like everyone else I am appalled whenever I hear of a war memorial being desecrated in anyway whatsoever, and I am increasingly concerned at the number of thefts of metal that have been reported nationally in recent times. I was therefore most interested to learn of In Memmoriam 2014 initiative, which is a partnership between the War Memorials Trust and the SmartWater Foundation, which will offer SmartWater crime prevention liquid to all custodians free of charge. This substance is easy to apply but almost impossible to remove and is proving to be a superb deterrent to thieves, as Police Forces and Scrap Metal Merchants are increasingly checking for traces of it when handling potentially stolen metal objects. I warmly applaud this initiative and trust that it will be enthusiastically taken up across our region, so that our memorials can continue to be preserved and respected in a manor befitting those whose names are engraved upon them.”