Fergusson calls on council to back speed cameras in Cairnryan

Following a meeting with Cairnryan Community Council, Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has called on the Council to play its part in bringing more effective traffic control to Cairnryan.

Mr Fergusson said: “The saga of traffic speeding through Cairnryan has gone on too long and has become increasingly worse for the long-suffering residents since Stena built the new port facility. Cairnryan must be the only former fishing community that is now sandwiched between two very busy ferry terminals, and the very high number of Heavy Goods Vehicles that charge through the village heading for the A77 and the A75 is making life intolerable for those who live within the 30 mile per hour limit. The problem is not helped when Stena and P&O dock ferries at similar times, such as 10 o’clock at night, as the resulting ‘race’ by HGV’s to get to the front of the queue pays no heed to either statutory speed limits or the tolerance of the villagers.

“Having led cross-party delegates to meet with Ministers, chaired public meetings, brought Transport Ministers to see the situation for themselves and made countless appeals to Transport Scotland over the years, it is clear that a new approach needs to be taken. It is equally clear that the flashing speed warning signs erected last year have had little or no impact.

“I therefore believe that the Council should take up the call to do something meaningful to address this problem - and that means speed cameras, preferably average speed cameras, being installed the length of the village. I am delighted that the Ward Councillors are backing this call, and I hope that the Area Committee and others will follow suit.

“Cairnryan has suffered long enough. I hope the Council can succeed where MSP colleagues and I have not, despite our best combined efforts.”

A spokesmam for Dumfries and Galloway Council said an appropriate comment would be better coming from the Police, Scotland TranServ or the Scottish Government as the A77 running through Cairnryan was a trunk road.